Could Martin Wisckol be any more of a talentless hack?

Yes, I'm sure there are some ways that Martin Wisckol of the Orange County Register/OC Register could be even more of a talentless hack, but after reading this phone interview with John McCain I'm having a bit of difficulty imagining exactly how he could do it.

It features the stock trick of asking a politician the price of something. One might think that tricks like that are played out, but apparently the news hasn't reach Wiskol, who tries to trip up McCain on the price of gas. That's noted by ThinkProgress here:

On the immigration front, his questions were just as shopworn, first asking McCain how he's going to thread the needle between the GOP base (which largely supports our laws) and Hispanics (some of whom don't think our laws apply to those of their race/ethnicity). He then pretends that McCain isn't "supporting an amnesty of some sort". In case that was a trick designed to get him to say that he supports amnesty, even McCain is smarter than that. However, it was almost certainly not a trick and Martin Wiscol was simply confused over what he's read on other sites. His final question on the topic is - wait for it in all its Sovietski-style glory - this:

"It sounds as though you believe that there is a good, practical compromise strategy that can be reached."

What did he expect the answer to be, "no"?

Please send an email to mwisckol *at* and let him know that there are plenty of real questions that McCain should be asked about this topic, and that if he doesn't want to be considered simply a talentless hack he should consider trying to ask them.

UPDATE: I didn't bother parsing the gas prices-related portions of the "interview", but this site did:

McCain isn't saying he doesn't know the price of gas. He is saying that he doesn't remember the last time he pumped his own gas, and how much it cost then.

UPDATE 2: ThinkProgress continues to be a bad joke, this time by providing an update at the link given above:

Patterico claims that McCain's cluelessness was in reference to the last time he pumped gas, not the price of gas itself. If true, that means McCain did not answer the reporter's question about how much is the price of gas during the interview.

Obviously it's true, and obviously TP doesn't want to admit they were once again caught trying to mislead their readers. I wish I'd paid more attention to that part of the interview to begin with, but that part doesn't matter all that much. What we need to have happen is someone who's familiar with an issue and who isn't a corrupt hack press McCain on an issue, whether involving energy or involving immigration.


It's really hard for me to understand an American newspaper in the quickly fading republican stronghold of Orange County to be so damn anti American and anti O.C. itizen[s] I guess their mission of destroying and replacing our language and our culture as well as our race is going very well for them. While the OCR continues to promote the glories of an invasion that is sucking the life out of O.C., it is killing the host and eventually will see their own demise as well. And that demise has already begun by the outsourcing of some of their editorial duties to India. Be careful what you wish for OCR!

The last time our government did a so called copromise strategy, it got 700,000 Americans killed out of a total population of 30 million people. "It was called the civil war or the was between the states, in fact all 4 of my great-grand fathers happen to have been in that war. If this BS Keeps going down this evil road we may just be forced to fight once more this time it maybe 30 million dead and more. Evil acts are evil acts and for most politician who support evil acts against us all need a political Lesson in what some people can do, if you know what i mean? The rope and the tree are still the best way to deal with evil political rats who hate our freedoms. Both McCain ans Obama hate us all for the same reason, its called Freedom.

No way he could match Peeeeloshi when ask what the price of gas was. She guessed $3.40 per gallon, when informed that it was $3.80 per gallon she remarked, oh, it's went down then. The above aren't the actual numbers but are representative of what she said. A dollar increase is a reduction to her. And she's in charge of the House. No wonder everything has doubled/tripled since the democrats took over congress. They just aren't good at numbers other than in their bank account.

Paterrico is a neo-con party hack who supports the destruction of this country. F him.

And ther OC Register too. Wicksol's job is being outsourced to India. Call it karma.

paterrico is just a rat many are rats whats new? our world is not her world she like many don't care if you pay $50 per gallon its not what she is thinking about she needs people to become enslaved to her and to the so called one world system of government.