Villaraigosa, Dellums, Nickels don't want ICE immigration raids of "responsible employers"

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If you want examples of political corruption, illegal immigration is where you should look. The latest example is a resolution proposed by three west coast mayors at this year's Conference of Mayors meeting: they don't want ICE to conduct immigration raids of "responsible employers". Instead, they want them to only raid those companies that are abusing employees and the like. The mayors are: Antonio Villaraigosa (Los Angeles), Ron Dellums (Oakland), and Greg Nickels (Seattle).

In effect, those mayors only want one set of laws to be enforced: wage and safety laws, just not immigration laws. The reason is so that illegal aliens will continue to live in their cities and provide them with a political power base, and one presumptive reason is also because some of those "responsible employers" are politically connected in one way or other.

If they really wanted to reduce abuses, there's an easy way to do it: stop supporting illegal immigration. If there were very few illegal aliens in their cities, most of what they pretend to want would be solved: employers are much less likely to abuse legal workers, and those with valid Social Security numbers are much less likely to use someone else's number.

The resolution specifically mentions "well-established businesses that contribute significantly to the local economy". In olden times those would have been referred to as "protected". Nowadays, it's acceptable to profit from illegal activity - including the "dramatic increase in identity theft of the Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens" they mention - just as long as they treat their workers OK and contribute to the tax base (and perhaps to those mayors' campaign coffers). They don't want "responsible employers" to be raided until either "reform" or an "accurate verification system" is available.

The resolution is located along with dozens more in this PDF. For your entertainment purposes, the full resolution is in the extended entry; discussing all the other ways it's wrong would take too much time. Note that the cost is marked as "Unknown", as is another resolution also demanding "comprehensive immigration reform", as is another resolution from Villaraigosa and other mayors demanding more resources for food stamps, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs.

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Resolution No. 52
1. WHEREAS, the United States is a nation of immigrants, the
overwhelming majority of whom are making an important and
positive contribution to both our economy and our culture;
2. WHEREAS, immigration reform is one of the most pressing
issues facing The U.S. Conference of Mayors; and
3. WHEREAS, the federal government has not been able to pass
comprehensive immigration reform legislation; and
4. WHEREAS, as a consequence of such inaction has been a
dramatic increase in identity theft of the Social Security
numbers of U.S. citizens; and,
5. WHEREAS, due to a lack of a workable immigration policy,
our country is inhabited by more than 12 million
undocumented individuals; and
6. WHEREAS, many of these undocumented individuals are working
in well-established businesses that contribute
significantly to the local economy; and
7. WHEREAS, responsible employers often have to rely on
documentation that appears facially valid in order to
determine an individual’s status to accept employment; and
8. WHEREAS, the current federal E-Verify system has not been
reliable in ascertaining a prospective employee’s right to work; and,
9. WHEREAS, some employers will prey upon undocumented
workers, with substandard wages, long hours and unsafe
working conditions, knowing these workers will not complain
to authorities; and
10. WHEREAS, the U.S. Immigration & Custom Enforcement (ICE)
has increased worksite enforcement activities;
11. WHEREAS, ICE worksite enforcement activities are often the
result of "anonymous" tips from the competitors of
legitimate employers, thereby using ICE raids to disrupt
production; and,
12. WHEREAS, ICE enforcement activities targeting companies
that have had no record or suspicion of engagement in
exploitative practices will negatively impact local
economies and may drive employers to locate manufacturing
facilities overseas; and
13. WHEREAS, ICE has limited resources and time to conduct
worksite enforcement activities;
14. NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The U.S. Conference of
Mayors calls upon U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement to
develop a national policy for its workforce enforcement
activities that focuses on employers with a demonstrated
history or reasonable suspicion of engaging in exploitative
practices, such as violation of wage, hour or occupational
safety laws and regulations; and
15. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that ICE not prioritize responsible
employers for worksite enforcement activities before
accurate verification systems are available or
comprehensive immigration reform regularizes the status of
workers on whom they rely; and
16. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that ICE should strive to keep in
close communication with the nation's mayors when
conducting worksite enforcement activities in their cities.


So the head of the mexican drug dealers Villaraigosa wants more power for his drug dealers? So Villaraigosa would not want any-kind of Investigation because he know's full well that if some guy from ICE Who has not been paid off would uncover some of the most evil so called Responsible employer's that world has known, many of the so called employer's are moving millions in drugs into L.A. And many are gang heads and most of the rats who work for this pig Villaraigoas are nothing but a Bunch of Criminals.

I heard that Obama yo Mama is going to give Tony Villar a cabinet post!! I was hoping this crap would happen after im long gone. But it looks like it is going to hit America square in the face. Soon people will realize we elected a bunch racist who dont like us because of our skin color. We have to get these American hating reconquistas out of our midst and in the slammer or hanging from the "treason tree". Just mind boggling.

Responsible employers don't hire illegal aliens.

Its good to read someone who understands what is happening and Leave it to Beaner understand the facts in front of him. all of the pigs inside government need a tree and a rope soon. but sad to say long before that happen's many good people will be murdered by the pigs before our people start to act like Americans but once that starts no power on earth can stop it. Obama is a muslim his brother said so but yet no one wants to listen isn't that funny? and isn't that sad?

_Responsible employers don't hire illegal aliens._ Unfortunately, not every employer is responsible, and documents are often faked, which can provide a sort of 'plausible denial'. So if you do happen to be responsible, or try to be, but end up competing against other employers who are not...