Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushing AgJobs amnesty, attached to Iraq bill

Via this we find this:

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) obtained passage today of an amendment to the Iraq supplemental appropriations bill to provide partial amnesty for illegal immigrants working in agriculture. The amendment would provide legal status for 1.35 million agricultural workers and lessen current protections for Americans and new foreign workers taking agricultural jobs. The amendment was adopted 17-15 in the Appropriations Committee and will be part of the bill put to the full Senate for a vote. In a parallel move, apparently Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) is attempting to use a similar amendment to reopen temporary visas for unskilled workers outside the annual ceiling.

Feinstein dropped the push in November, then tried a mini version in April. Those amnesty backers who realize they won't be able to push full "comprehensive immigration reform" will continue to try piecemeal approaches like this. Please contact your senators and let them know what you think.

UPDATE: There's more here; this says that Senator David Vitter will try to get AgJobs out of the bill when it hits the floor.


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She really is scum. Not only for continuing to push several million Mexican peasants down the throats of Americans, but for doing it via an amendment to a bill about Iraq.

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THE US SENATE CONSIDERS ANOTHER COVERT ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY BILL On May 15, 2008, the Senate Appropriations Committee pushed another illegal alien amnesty bill by attaching it to an Iraq War supplemental funding bill. Sen. Feinstein has sponsored this rider to give a 5-year amnesty for up to 3 million illegal aliens and their families. Attaching unpopular programs and riders to “must pass” legislation is a typical underhanded tactic used by members of both houses of congress to circumvent the will of the people. Knowing that the war funding bill is desperately needed to support our troops in battle overseas, the outrageous amnesty plan was covertly attached by Senator Feinstein hoping that no one would notice. If it passes the full Senate next week, this would open the door for even larger waves of illegal immigration in the future! Here’s what the rider calls for: 1. Granting a 3-year work visa to illegal aliens followed by a permanent green card for those who have been working as shepherds, goat and dairy herders. 2. Grant a 5-year work visa to the estimated 1.3 million illegal aliens working in other agricultural jobs – plus all of their family members. The legislation doesn’t state what happens after 5 years. 3. Grant a tripling of the maximum number of H-2B Visas for lower skilled, non-agricultural seasonal workers. 4. Grant industries an extra 218,000 additional green cards for skilled foreign workers. There is no reason to grant illegal farm workers amnesty! There is an H-2A program for temporary seasonal workers that honest farmers use to get extra help. There are no rotting crops and America will not starve if illegal workers are sent home -- farmers using illegal aliens will just be forced to pay Americans or legal seasonal farm workers an honest wage to do the work. It is a well know fact that Budget Bills, especially emergency funding bills, collect riders like rotting fruit collects flies. If a member of congress can manage to underhandedly stick a special project or rider onto a “must pass” Budget Bill, it is almost certain to be approved, because the funding must be passed! The best way to solve this problem is to pass legislation that requires all bills and legislation to be single purposed. An individual bill should address one specific issue and only that issue. Any amendments must directly address that specific issue. No pork, no side issues, and especially, no riders. If Senator Feinstein and her pro-illegal alien amnesty cohorts want to pass legislation giving amnesty to illegal aliens, then let her have the guts and honesty to publicly introduce legislation so that it can be openly debated on its own merits and voted on. Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives should not be allowed to continue to hide these types of unpopular anti-American riders in unrelated “must pass” legislation and appropriations bills. It is just an attempt to circumvent the will of

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