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#YHVH is Lord #Yeshua is the Way. #WeThePeople need to wake up #libertarian leans #conservative, Biologist. RTs are just RTs. #YourAlinskyIsShowing #TimeBandaid
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.@johnmarzan Shorter @VictorB123:instead of working to reduce policies that increase welfare dependence, let's enable it with foreign labor.
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From @VictorB123
@Glaivester I am all in favor of eliminating the benefit cliffs that keep people from working. I also have half a brain. @johnmarzan
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.@VictorB123 @johnmarzan Yet you want to enable California to run dysfunctionally.
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From @DanThaWildMan
In case you haven't figured it out, @Glaivester. This guy is a dem in GOP clothing. >>> VictorB123<< every time I see him same @johnmarzan
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.@DanThaWildMan @johnmarzan I'm trying to use the @24aheaddotcom strategy.