Hundreds arrested at Pilgrim's Pride plants (immigration raids, identity theft)

Hundreds of illegal aliens and presumably others were arrested today at Pilgrim's Pride chicken processing plants in Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, and West Virginia (link). The company participated in the E-Verify program and cooperated with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The arrests were for identity theft and document fraud in addition to being illegal aliens and/or criminal aliens.

There were also smaller, unconnected raids at Shipley Donuts in Houston (a local chain, report link) and at a chain of restaurants around Buffalo, New York.

Expect the usual suspects to start whining on cue tomorrow.

UPDATE: Erin Segroves offers "Hispanic community rocked by plant raid": "...Tension and fear burned through Chattanooga's immigrant community Wednesday..." etc. She also quotes someone as saying, "They pay for [fake documentation]... In their hearts, they really think that it's OK because they bought it." Obviously, it's bad public policy to have large numbers of people thinking that's OK, yet due to corrupt politicians supporting illegal immigration that thinking is becoming ingrained in a large segment of our population. And, another group is suing Pilgrim's Pride and seeking class action status, claiming they intentionally hired illegal aliens in order to drive down wages.


Well Wednesday's raids of companies in 6 states is a great start. Keep it up. I hope I get to read about raids like these today everyday for a month...

Mr. Pilgrim's Pride is shocked -- _shocked_ -- that there were illegal aliens working at the chicken factory!

The POPE arrived just in time to bail them out of prison!!

_Mr. Pilgrim's Pride is shocked -- shocked -- that there were illegal aliens working at the chicken factory!_ Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny how press releases said they 'cooperated fully' with DHS. I think they also 'cooperated' in (knowingly) hiring illegals with dodgy documents in the first place.

'they really think that it's OK because they bought it' As seriously as I take this issue, there is a lot of absurd comedy to it. Unfortunately, the joke's on us.

Normal after all we OUR The world.