Songs of peace, freedom, and liberation... or a communist plot?

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Where did the "Hippies" come from anyway? Was there an original hippie? If so, what is his name? How exactly did a social movement that still has an impact even yet today gain such influence so quickly? Bearing in mind that hippiedom occured contemporaneously with the Cold War and with us fighting a proxy war against Communism, could it have actually been a Communist plot, designed to soften us up and make our loss certain and perhaps make the spread of Communism easier?

And, was Grace Slick in actuality not simply a useful idiot for the Soviet Union, but in actuality an agent of that empire?

To those questions I have no answers.

However, the answer might in fact be in one of the suprisingly large number of high quality Jefferson Airplane videos available online. The embedded one below is my current favorite; it appears to be live as her phrasing is somewhat different from the recorded version. And, her facial expressions are quite interesting.

For extra hippie with a revolutionary aspect, see this version of Volunteers (link). Today is a good song, although the cameraman doesn't seem to realize that Marty Balin is the one singing it (link). Focus all you want on GS, I don't mind. For some extra acidity, see Eskimo Blue Day (link). Crown of Creation is also a great song (link). In High Flyin' Bird GS gets intenser (link). Here's a version of White Rabbit that Disney's lawyers have apparently missed (link). (Note: may induce seizures and/or flashbacks.) Up against the wall, hippies, and watch We Can Be Together (link). That actually makes hippies look somewhat OK.


THE ORIGINAL HIPPIE CAME OUT OF THE 1950'S HE WAS A WORLD WAR TWO VET, and did many great books and stories about lfe and death, do you know his name? Jack----, the political hippie was made up in Moscow and was used here inside the once great USA, After the fall of the Reds in Moscow the boys inside washington started to remake the hippie for use against us all to understand what I am Writing about you must be a real america and understand history and have lived that day and lived in that world like i did, you must have been in a war and saw with real eyes what happened to people and why, in other words, "my young people", "do your own investigation", into what will be if you just stand by and say yes my master, that is why the third world is evil and if you want the ideals of the third world just do nothing and you will live in hell, and hell is being ran by people like Obama and hillary and McCain, Look at the world for what it is not what you want it to be. gay senators and liberation lesbian sentators and whore ring governors and many boy lover's inside congress who would love to have your son on the end of his---- will not go to that place...stop a criminal government of political pigs who want you inside a whore house of the third world. last thing BUY GUNS YOU FOOLS

Hey, Lonewacko, is it ok if I engage in some threadjacking here? Since you seem to think it's kosher to derail a thread dealing with the gun issue on another forum, I figured I'd come in here and post something about guns on your thread ranting about how Grace Slick was a Communist infiltratorbot or whatever. My hope is that the Supreme Court (SupremeCourt in LW speak?) comes to the conclusion that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right, and that any restrictions on it must pass a test of strict scrutiny (would that be StrictScrutiny?)

Research has proven that the first hippie was someone who went by the name of "Gypsy Boots": could be this guy: