Leticia van de Putte delivers Democratic SOTU response (Spanish language version)

Texas state senator Leticia van de Putte delivered the Spanish-language version of the Democratic Party's response to the Bush State of the Union address. Republicans and even most Democrats might want to pay closer attention to what Democratic leaders are saying behind their backs (example from Senator Bob Menendez), yet I don't think this will get much play. The transcript is at Nancy Pelosi's very own site here, and here's the part about immigration:

And on issues specific to our community, the President has allowed extremists to dominate the rhetoric on immigration, disrespecting our rich history, and the contributions immigrants have made to strengthen our country. Senate Democrats fought to reach a compromise bipartisan immigration reform bill and brought it for a vote 3 times, but were blocked by the anger of the far right, and Republicans who prefer to use it as a campaign issue than to actually address it. The same happened with the DREAM Act, critical for immigrant children who grew up in America to achieve their dreams of a higher education.

Needless to say, immigration isn't specific to one "community", and dividing countries into "communities" is what's done in cheerful places such as the Balkans. And, Bush has indeed allowed "extremists to dominate the rhetoric on immigration": extremists like Michael Gerson, Linda Chavez, Daniel Griswold (inspired Bush's original "guest" worker scheme), and so forth and so on. Meanwhile, Bush has tried to silence, marginalize, and lie to those Americans who support our laws, which includes many Democrats among the ranks of those who are supposedly "far right". And, as discussed here many times, the DREAM Act would allow illegal aliens - citizens of other countries - to take college discounts and slots from U.S. citizens. Addresses like this make clear that the Democrats have little regard for fundamental concepts such as U.S. citizenship.

On a related note, the English-language response from Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius didn't mention immigration at all (link).


This crap has been going on for years. Saying one thing in Spanish in order to pander to an ethnic minority while avoiding the topic entirely so as to prevent alienating the overwhelming masses is positively Orwellian if not right out of Josef Stalin's playbook. If the MSM ever had the balls to call the Democrats on this nonsense all hell would break loose. I really hope somebody has Lou Dobbs hot line. Want an even worse example. Nothing is more hilarious than when La Raza or LULAC holds an event broadcast on CSPAN. The La Raza panel will try real hard to come off as mainstream while speaking in English. However, they will periodically apoligize to the majority of English only speakers so they can launch into extreme radical nonsense for the Spanish audience. I really wish doing this would result in La Raza getting banned from CSPAN.

SOON THE usa Will be nothing but a total shit hole with rats running the place. you may someday know what real Mexican/hispanic/spanish/corrupt dictaorship means. La Raza and the global rats want us dead and the real agenda is Recomnquista.

well sad fact is we "OUR" All of us are living in a new kind of police state", where you having a ok kind of new foreigen rule by using people to attack people who are Americans and not one world pigs. just look at the Browns who have been disappeared into some hell system called tax prison, its is said that old mrs brown has been murdered some time ago. we have 4 million people behind bars and many more to come, like some of you who read this. think freedom and buy guns.

Well, technically the agenda is to genocide the White middle class. The Reconquistas (both the US and European versions) are ex post facto rationalizations that appeal to the invaders. Our traitorous leadership's agenda is to "elect a new people".

Yes Tanstaaf| you got that right its called P.C Or the new man 10 million names for this evil but the end game is total Holocaust on the people who made us a nation and the people of ideals, but most whites are so brainwashed its a joke i have asked people to think about this evil and have been fired from jobs i have been attacked by cops and beaten for asking question's and call all kinds of names and that is said to be good for the world of our little brown brothers, the funny thing is most brown brothers understand what is happening and love the idea. so in the end just find a place and have a good time watching the river of blood flow down into the ground of forever, but in that end a new world will be rebuild after the rat people have its day in 2000 years.

_...didn't mention immigration at all..._ Because it's manifestly a racial/ethnic issue, and most politicians, especially state and local ones, would rather avoid it. Everyone can see that the vast majority of immigrants are non-white. So even if you advance legitimate arguments, e.g. something like 'law and order', your motives are, in the minds of some, tainted by 'racism'. Or can be tainted rhetorically. How do you prove you are not a 'racist'?