What Senator Bob Menendez is saying behind your back (illegal immigration, ethnic solidarity)

Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey delivered the Democratic Hispanic Radio Address today, and here's part of what he said:

Good morning. This is Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey. This coming Tuesday, November 7, Latinos can make the difference in elections across the country. We have the ability to make our voices heard and vote for those who respect our rights and will look out for our best interests. We can vote for leaders that will set a new direction for America or we can stay the course with Republican leaders who have done nothing but protect their political power and attack our community. While Republicans have controlled the White House and the Congress, they have chosen to take America down the wrong path, and putting their party's interests above the best interests of our country and the interests of our children.

Needless to say, not all of those who speak Spanish are Latinos, and if you find his exclusionary rhetoric disturbing, just wait.

...While Democrats fought for comprehensive immigration reform, the Republicans in the majority didn't allow it, instead they chose public relations stunts. And let us not forget that it was the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress who voted to make felons out of hard working undocumented immigrants and the clergy, nurses and others who help them.

Menendez is clearly not just a supporter of illegal immigration, he's also lying: HR4437 wouldn't have the dire effects he describes.

...My Latino sisters and brothers. This coming Tuesday, November 7, our people have an extraordinary opportunity that we cannot allow to pass. We have the chance to make America what it should be.

Should America really be the home of ethnic nationalism?


As a proud but embarrassed New Jerseyan, I will be casting my vote for Tom Kean, Jr.

Why is my state overrun with liberals on both sides of the aisle???



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The joke is he is taking the lead from his real rulers inside mexico and the so called latin america leaders, the latin leaders Question U.S. And Europe immigrant policy and the free world is under attack by the third world rulers who want power over all free people.
the third world leaders question the ideals of freedom and our boys say nothing for a reason, its called money, the castro boys are helping to kill our troops in iraq and the rats in the third world who are moving to the U.S. And Europe not to live in peace and live under laws but to remove the ideals of laws and freedom, old bob menendez wants to help to kill our way of life and he is winning.