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Washington, D.C.
National reporter at the AP, based in Washington D.C. Write stories that reach more than half the world's 7 billion people each day.
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From @yolandayoungesq
@hopeyen1 Can you DM me your email? I'd like to invite you to moderate a panel at our Power Pathways Conference.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@yolandayoungesq: @hopeyen1 blogs that MX isn't paying for the wall. Many have said the same & none of them have had any impact because MAGA has a response. I've posted dozens of times how the wall will fail & there's no answer to that. Yen only uses talking points that fail.
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From @barringerbits
Read @CalWd & @tackettdc article on #ImpeachmentHoax and you'll be overcome w/ #MediaBias throughout. WTH are the…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@barringerbits: now, @calwd blogs the 765875960485th iteration of "MX won't pay for the wall". Imagine how hosed Trump would be if he were ever called on how easily Congress will tear down the "wall" when he's out of office, then send Cal & @hopeyen1 a Thank You card.