Anna Gorman/LAT on Mexican adult schools operating at U.S. public schools

If Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times were a real reporter she would look into all the circumstances of the Mexican government operating adult schools inside U.S. public schools. And, she'd look into what's being taught and whether it's being used as a way of encouraging Mexican partisanship. Of course, she's just a propagandist and not a real reporter, so this is what we get ("Mexican education comes to U.S./Adult immigrants can complete their basic education in Spanish at one of 13 centers across L.A. County.", link):
...The Mexican government opened its latest Plaza Comunitaria, or Community Plaza, Thursday at San Fernando Middle School... There are 13 such centers throughout Los Angeles County, aimed at helping Mexican nationals complete their basic education. The centers offer free classes, in person or through video and the Internet, to Mexican nationals living in the U.S.

...More than 40% of Mexican nationals over age 25 living in the U.S. had less than a ninth-grade education, according to 2005 data compiled by the Pew Hispanic Center.

Consular officials said the Spanish-language classes improve immigrants' self-esteem and enable them to help their children with schoolwork. The education in their native tongue also better prepares immigrants to learn English and encourages their assimilation. Hundreds of Mexican nationals have taken classes since the first local center opened in 2003. There are similar programs elsewhere, including San Jose and San Bernardino.
Teaching someone in Spanish out of Mexican textbooks assists their assimilation into the U.S.? Is Anna Gorman completely stupid, or does she think the Los Angeles Times' readers are? Note also that San Fernando Middle School is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District.
[One of the article's two protagonists (both are legal residents)] said he was interested in learning about the history of his country so he could pass that culture along to his children.
That could be benign, or it could be something else.
Space for the program is provided by schools and community centers, and the Mexican government supplies the textbooks. Students work at their own pace with the help of mostly volunteer teachers or tutors.
At least part of the bills are thus picked up by the U.S.

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Nothing surprises me anymore. Would this accommodation be made for any other country? LW does a great job of reporting a foreign government's attempts to influence our domestic affairs. We hear a lot about shared and merging institutions and programs (e.g., Social Security totalization). But parallel national governments? It is simply bizarre to me for a foreign government to set up its own civic institutions right in the middle of another country. This isn't some private charitable outfit, this is a foreign government basically extending its own public school system into another nation. And we give them free rent I bet. Why stop at that nationalistic charter school in L.A.? Maybe we can do this for kids too and have separate national tracks right at the same schoolhouse. And we should have our elections on the same day and share polling facilities. The higher the percentage of nationals of a single foreign country residing here, the more we will see this kind of stuff. Separate Matricula Consular ID cards, dual citizenship and voting, public schools. What's next?

This would make an excellent question to pose to those running for office. Give a summary statement of the facts and then ask: ________, do you think it's appropriate to invite the Mexican government into our American public schoolhouses?

Or better... Do you think it's appropriate to invite a foreign government to teach its nationals [maybe make it 'citizens'] in American public schoolhouses?

Amanda? Please your making too much sense! I dont think our elected officials will understand your sensible, rational common sense. Unless they can make a buck at it! Hmmm....That's it! Confiscation of all "ill gotten" possesions while unlawfully residing in the USA. [before being returned to their beloved mexiblow] Homes, cars, guns, roosters, shallacked frogs.....all of it!! To be auctioned off and distributed out to all US citizens or their relatives who have been illegal alien crime victims. Naw....that will never happen, makes too much sense.