ACLU, LULAC, ACORN, SVREP endorsed Dallas April 1 illegal immigration march

On Sunday, April 1, the "Rally for the New American Family" was held in Dallas to support "comprehensive immigration reform", aka a massive amnesty for illegal aliens. Last year's event (the one where George P. Bush was scheduled to speak) had as many as 500,000 illegal aliens and their supporters marching through that city's streets; this year it might have been as little as 1% or less of that amount.

The national ACLU and other questionable organizations endorsed the march, and one of the speakers was dual citizen, Mexican partisan, and former Vicente Fox cabinet member Juan Hernandez.

The site is home of the march organizers, the Mega March Coalition 2007. The link has a list of endorsers taken from one of their files, and they include the League of United Latin American Citizens, the American Civil Liberties Union (not just a chapter, but the national ACLU), ACORN, the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, and various LULAC chapters. While the organizers stress their citizenship drives, the fact remains that what they're fighting for - immigration "reform" - is almost completely about the illegal variety thereof.

Now, let's turn to the hugely biased "Immigrants rally for rights, unity" by Dianne Solis and Stella M. Chavez. For some odd reason, they avoided including the LULAC affiliations of three persons they quoted:

* "[A]ctivist Elizabeth Villafranca" (also president of the Farmers Branch chapter)

* "Former state legislator Domingo Garcia" (also president of chapter 102)

* "Coty Rodriguez Anderson, a counselor at a Dallas high school" (also director of district III; see this article, which also mentions another speaker Casey Thomas of the local NAACP)

One of the speakers was "departing Catholic Bishop Charles Grahmann"; another was Juan Hernandez:

Juan Hernandez, who served in the administration of Mexico's former President Vicente Fox, urged those who were in the U.S. legally to become U.S. citizens and to register to vote. And then he urged the crowd to lobby, to make phone calls to federal lawmakers and to the White House. Holding his cellphone to the microphone, he called the White House and said, in Spanish, "I support immigration reform, Mr. Bush."


Juan Hernandez is the smarmiest, slickest, oiliest snake oil salesmen one could ever hope to avoid. He makes my skin crawl...when ever he shows up on the screen at least 5 people probably determine to stop illegals from entering the country. He is the most blatant liars I have ever seen...his lengthy list of lies and method of delivering them is the single best reason to put up a fence and throw him on the other side!