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Senior International Correspondent for The Globe and Mail. Now based in London, after stops in Moscow, the Middle East, and Beijing. DMs open.
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On Donald Trump and the truth (from ⁦@peterbakernyt⁩ and ⁦@YLindaQiu⁩):
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@markmackinnon @peterbakernyt @YLindaQiu
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@pblack18707 @markmackinnon @peterbakernyt @YLindaQiu SLSCO will *replace an existing* 14-mile, 8-foot to 10-foot s…
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.@Rogene: as the NYT "standards editor", is this @YLindaQiu blog really what you'd call "journalism"? Just flip things around. If Trump was leading the #MigrantCaravan, wouldn't you compile a list of helpers & follow the money?