Marie Cocco's thinking abilities on full display (Washington Post WG)

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Marie Cocco writes for the Washington Post Writer's Group, i.e., syndicated articles that apparently even the WaPo is afraid to print. An example of the latter is offered in "The Willie Hortons of 2008" [1] about Hillary Clinton's support for driver's licenses for illegal aliens. After initial race-baiting, she shows us her knowledge of this issue and her thinking abilities:

What, exactly, would conservatives do with the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants who are now here? Would they round them up and deport them all? Who would execute the raids?

This is the standard false choice between amnesty and mass deportations; even the New York Times has admitted a third choice: attrition (even if they lie about it). And, with Fred Thompson coming out for attrition, one has to wonder whether she's been paying attention.

What would this mass deportation cost? One think tank estimate, based on deporting 10 million, puts the price as high as $230 billion. How would this expense be met? Does the candidate favor a special, anti-immigrant tax to be paid by law-abiding Americans? (Now that would prompt some intriguing responses.)

Of course, it goes without saying that "anti-immigrant" is a false term. And, the "think tank estimate" was a joke study from the Center for American Progress a group linked to not just the Clintons but indirectly linked to the Mexican government. And, it used an extremely flawed methodology to arrive at its estimated cost.

And what of the estimated 3.1 million children of illegal immigrants who have been born in the United States? They are American citizens, entitled to every protection enjoyed by those whose hot rhetoric so excites the airwaves. The options are for these children to leave and live in a country that is not theirs, or break up families so children may remain here. So much for the family values of the family values crowd.

As for "family values", what exactly were the parents of those children thinking when they decided to put their children into such a situation? Surely, even Cocco can see it's bad public policy to further encourage illegal aliens to put even more children into such a situation.



"What, exactly, would conservatives do with the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants who are now here? Would they round them up and deport them all? Who would execute the raids?" Actually, I'd round them up and _jail_ them for some time before deporting them. They would also be fingerprinted and forbidden from ever entering the country again for any reason. That would provide incentive for many to The deport themselves. During Operation Wetback several wetbacks left on their own for every one that was forcibly removed. We can expect a similar ratio. Those who cannot be returned will be warehoused indefinitely. The raids would be executed by our law enforcement personnel, using as many deputized military personnel as required. The vast majority would not require "raids" to apprehend. They could be rounded up in traffic stops for example. These are not unconscionable proposals, they are the perfectly reasonable steps any nation would take to save itself from the unconscionable situation its traitorous leaders have maneuvered it into. Stop groveling for slow attrition. That is a compromise. We are threatened with conquest. We must not compromise on our immigration laws or security if we are to defeat that conquest.