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SCHIP passes House; lifts five year waiting period for legal immigrants; can be abused by illegal aliens; anchor baby provision - 01/14/09

The Democrats are trying to give Barack Obama an early signature accomplishment of sorts by pushing the SCHIP (H.R.2, S-CHIP, State Childrens' Health Insurance Program, link). It just passed the House; a Senate version will apparently be debated tomorrow in the Senate Finance Committee; it will probably reach Obama's desk in one form or another. Previously, legal immigrants weren't able to access Medicaid or SCHIP until after five years; the bill leaves it up to states whether they want to lift that or not. And, it raises funds by increasing cigarette taxes by 61 cents per pack. Other impacts...

Barack Obama's "honest conversation" about immigration included dishonesty, false choice, support for illegal activity - 04/03/08

On the first of the month, Senator Barack Obama spoke in Scranton, Pennsylvania and was asked about the 12 million (or so) illegal aliens in the U.S.:

Marie Cocco's thinking abilities on full display (Washington Post WG) - 11/01/07

Marie Cocco writes for the Washington Post Writer's Group, i.e., syndicated articles that apparently even the WaPo is afraid to print. An example of the latter is offered in "The Willie Hortons of 2008" [1] about Hillary Clinton's support for driver's licenses for illegal aliens. After initial race-baiting, she shows us her knowledge of this issue and her thinking abilities: