Illegal aliens steal evacuee supplies; NPR's Amy Isackson promotes serf labor

Six illegal aliens were allegedly caught stealing supplies in San Diege meant for wild fire evacuees. They brought trucks and came back for more, and one of their group said they were paid to do so. While there might be a somewhat understandable explanation, such as they were taking them to an ad hoc shelter somewhere else, I suspect that if there were such an explanation we would have heard it. If there isn't such an explanation, it shouldn't be surprising that some of those who've shown no respect for our immigration laws would show no respect for fire victims.

Meanwhile, Amy Isackson of NPR puts the pseudo-humanitarian, crypto-corporatist spin on a related issue in "Fires Highlight Safety Needs of Migrant Workers":

Jesus Gomez from Oaxaca was at his job at a nursery in San Diego's North County when the Witch fire roared in from the east. His crew kept working while wind whipped smoke and ash in their eyes... "They gave us masks, but still, our eyes were filling with dirt and ashes. So, we keep working, but then the police came in," Gomez says... He says his boss told him to stop working only after law enforcement gave the mandatory evacuation order... ...The Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are lending 200 officers to law enforcement efforts during the fire... Just their presence in the streets ignites people's fear...

If all or most were legal workers or not enrolled in a "guest" worker program, situations like that would not occur. Instead of looking into that, the overall impact of the NPR report is to enable such working conditions. If Isackson wanted to prevent such working conditions, she'd support the Border Patrol rather than try to portray them as an invading army.

Also quoted: "immigrants rights activist Enrique Morones", someone who's a member of the Democratic Party of San Diego; a Mexican official joined him on a ride in support of illegal immigration.


I had my fill of NPR. They for years did one story after another holding to the Corporatist line about the Tech worker shortage, the critical education gap and the need for expanded H1-B visa quotas. Basically NPR editorial stance reflects the raging multiculturalist views of their own privileged management and broadcast talent and the Open Borders agenda of the major Corporate and Foundation contributors.

What our treasonous authorities don't want anyone to think about [1] is just how capable we are of ending the invasion. The problem is we can see they don't have any problem moving heaven and earth, blocking interstates and keeping people out of their homes for days, when they want to. And they have shown in the case of these fires, they show very little concern for inconveniencing or scaring anyone. Except the invaders, of course. This cognitive dissonance is making quite a few previously clueless Californians say "wait a minute..."


_I had my fill of NPR._ They are pretty bad alright. I don't listen often anymore, but when I do if an immigration story comes on I switch it right off -- I just don't want to hear it. eh

What do the open borders crowd pretend to believe? Except for the ethnic chauvinists and the neo-communists(who hate what remains of Western Civilization and want to finish it off) among them, it is this absurdity: (...) _The Diversity Theorem: Groups of people from anywhere in the world, mixed together in any numbers and proportions whatsoever, will eventually settle down as a harmonious society, appreciating—nay, celebrating!—their differences... which will of course soon disappear entirely._ (...)

A "day laborer" in the Valley was also arrested yesterday after he was seen attempting to light a fire on a hillside.

expat is so right about the rats who are attacking the ideals of freedom. and face facts the drug dealers of the world have us under control by using our own system, to keep us in line.