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A challenge for Kevin Keenan of the ACLU: drop the false compassion - 10/19/09

Earlier today, Kevin Keenan of the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego and Imperial Counties spoke with Alan Ray about the ACLU's recent report on San Diego

ACLU, Leslie Berestein, Amy Isackson defending looters because they're illegal aliens - 10/26/07

On Wednesday, an alleged group of looters were arrested at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego; it was claimed that they were collecting supplies meant for the victims of the recent wild fires in order to resell them. Apparently one or more admitted they were stealing, and one person said it was for resale. Some were illegal aliens; when that was suspected the San Diego Police called the Border Patrol who then deported a few of them. A few others have been released. The exact details, and everyone who was involved, isn't clear at this time (and probably never will be). However, one thing is crystal...

Illegal aliens steal evacuee supplies; NPR's Amy Isackson promotes serf labor - 10/25/07

Six illegal aliens were allegedly caught stealing supplies in San Diege meant for wild fire evacuees. They brought trucks and came back for more, and one of their group said they were paid to do so. While there might be a somewhat understandable explanation, such as they were taking them to an ad hoc shelter somewhere else, I suspect that if there were such an explanation we would have heard it. If there isn't such an explanation, it shouldn't be surprising that some of those who've shown no respect for our immigration laws would show no respect for fire victims. Meanwhile, Amy Isackson of...