Hispanic vote is a myth?

We already knew that. Now comes Steven Malanga from City Journal, writing in the Los Angeles Times (link):
...The Latino vote for Bush was far from decisive, however, and it may be years before it plays a pivotal role in a national election. Latinos may represent about 14% of the U.S. population, but they constituted just 6% of the 2004 electorate -- 7.5 million voters out of 125 million. According to Census Bureau data, only 34% of the nation's adult Latino population registered to vote in 2004, and 28% voted. By contrast, 67% of the country's adult white, non-Latino population and 56% of its adult black population voted in 2004. Black voters outnumbered Latino voters nearly 2 to 1 in 2004.

Exit polls taken during 2004 also indicate Latino support for Bush may have been exaggerated. In different polls, Bush's share of the Latino vote ranged from a high of 44% to a low of 33%. Yet subsequent academic studies have estimated Bush's actual level of Latino support at the lower end, somewhere between 35% and 37%. Seen in this context, the "swing" of voters from Bob Dole, who garnered 21% of the Latino vote in 1996, to George W. Bush was hardly historic. In 1984, Ronald Reagan captured 37% of the Latino vote -- a performance at least equal to Bush's.

This suggests that the key to winning Latino votes may be running good candidates, not pandering. Latino voters themselves seem to agree. A 2004 Washington Post poll found that immigration was the least important issue among Latino voters, with only 3.5% placing it at the top of their concerns...
He makes other points that have been made here and elsewhere, namely that supporting a loose border policy is contrary to the interests of Hispanics, that a significant portion of Hispanics actually support our laws, and that pandering to the loose borders sentiment of those on the far-left might actually be counter-productive.

As a gauge of Republican orthodoxy, let's turn to "Captain Ed" (link):
Republicans need to make the argument that tighter border security and immigration policy will help protect not just national security, but also jobs and wages for American citizens and legal residents. The GOP has a shared set of values on life issues with the Hispanic community, and a shared focus on strengthening the family. If we make those arguments, we can lift both the floor and the ceiling of our share of their vote, and do so without mindless pandering.


Nobody cares how the Latinos vote, least of all our treasonous pro-invasion politicians. They aren't doing it for votes. They aren't doing it because it's morally, ethically, or economically right. So, what's left?

The growing Latino vote causation for an open border policy has never added up. Individual politicians are all about their reelection RIGHT NOW. They know the actual Latino vote numbers are minuscule. Sure, the Democrats want the Latino vote to think they care about them but, truth is, they are simply on the take (from those with an economic interest in illegal labor and open borders). They need that cash to be reelected a lot more than boosting their share of a 6% slice of voters. Proposition 187 had significant Latino voter support. I suspect there is a voter block which is built in Democratic a lot more than Hispanic ethnicity and that is class. Party strategists with a longer term view must figure if you import poverty, are given credit for granting those abjectly poor amnesty of some sort, and then offer up all kinds of social welfare goodies the GOP will not support, you're in with the newly naturalized underclass. However low you need to stoop in terms of race baiting too. Of course, a revolving door poverty importation/amnesty policy would kill the social welfare programs we already have and thus should be opposed by true liberals but these pseudo-liberals think they'll have their permanent majority by then so who cares?

the third world/hispanic vote is a joke, the third world people like in Mexico do not vote, the fact is that it's why so many are here. the fact is that all of our government soon will be ran by third world political pigs. just look and read the names and understand one fact we need to make a new nation out of the old dead one.