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T A 4 PA
Pennsylvania, USA
Stylist, grandmother of 12, wife, mother, PA❄🐑 #PAResists🐑 #ConorLambForCongress🐑 #NunesHoax
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From @SabineResists
RT @stylnpa: @ConorLambPA is backed by the #PA Steelworkers union. They know #ConorCares you need to show Conor YOU care! #GOTV On Tuesday…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Lamb has the same #immigration stance as the #Koch bros, NAM, vulture capitalists, USChamber, etc. etc. People like him are part of the reason why we make so little steel. #resist #PA18 MT @SabineResists RT @stylnpa: @ConorLambPA is backed by the #PA Steelworkers union