Rudy Giuliani afraid of citizen journalists (Brave New Films)

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Brave New Films is a sleazy [1], left-wing organization, akin to the low-rent Hollywoodish version of ThinkProgress. A few days ago, John Ehrenfeld from that site tried to attend [2] a Rudy Giuliani appearance, only to be kicked out apparently after Guiliani staffers learned who he was with. Thinking ahead, they had two people attend, and the footage from the one who wasn't ejected was used to create this popular video:

This illustrates again that the presidential candidates are afraid of questions from non-MSM journalists; they know that they have little to fear from MSM stalwarts like Dan Balz or Mark Halperin.

Unfortunately, so far almost all of the "citizen journalism" that I've seen has come from either people like BNF or Mike Stark on the one hand, and from Truthers on the other.

Hopefully sometime before January 2008 someone who opposes illegal immigration will go to a campaign appearance, ask a tough question designed to discredit the politician, and then upload the response to video sites.

[1] Regarding the "sleazy", see the race-baiting from the post and imagine the questions he was going to ask. See also their promotion of sleazy videos (,


As far as I'm concerned every "debate" of both parties so far has discredited the media running the event and the politicians participating, with their studious avoidance of immigration or pathetic pandering to Latinos. These performances have been seen by millions. I'm not sure how getting the traitors to hem and haw on YouTube is going to accomplish anything more. Watch [1] for instance how they answer a cop who says he and his buddies in law enforcement are overwhelmed with immigrants and who asks a very pointed question: he wants to know what the pols plan to do with the ones already here. They just ignore the question. Which is exactly what they do any time anyone anywhere springs any inconvenient immigration question on them. The sad fact is we don't live in a democracy. We won't get any pro-American candidates once the primaries are over. And by the time Hillary is done the US won't even be intact any more.


Ron Paul is a libertarian. His respect for the constitutional and desire for small govt are wonderful. But he won't shut the border much less deport the invaders already here.