CCC offers DREAM Act PIIPP in press release form

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Via this we get this press release from Xiomara Corpeno and Cheryl Aguilar of the Center for Community Change:
As the United States Senate is expected to take up consideration of the DREAM Act as an amendment on the Senate floor, several immigrant youth will join national organizations and coalitions in Washington, DC tomorrow, Wednesday, September 19, 2007 to urge their Members of Congress to support the DREAM Act under the chorus, "Our Dreams Can't Wait."
They brought along two students; compare their descriptions in the release from the first paragraphs offered by "reporters" in "news" stories. The release is basically just a PIIPP in raw, unprocessed form:
Rodrigo came to the United States, at the tender age of six, after his father was killed in front of him. After graduating high school as valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA, Rodrigo entered the University of California, Berkley where he majors in Rhetoric and Ethnic Studies. Rodrigo aspires to attend medical school.

At 14 years old, Lizbeth left her native Oaxaca, Mexico where the family's financial situation was crumbling to embark a new life in the United States. After plenty of sacrifices, Lizbeth is one year away from graduating on the Dean's honor list in Chicana Studies at the University of Southern California. She wants to become an immigration or civil rights lawyer.
I don't know about those professions; wouldn't it help pull the heartstrings better if they wanted to join the FBI or the CIA?

You can see Corpeno - at that time with CHIRLA, a group that's allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government - on this ( video where she basically states that Mexicans and others have a right to migrate to the U.S. at will.

UPDATE: The title originally said this was from CHIRLA, but that's just the organization Corpeno was previously with and with which CCC is linked.


The people behind this evil are the CIA And FBI And the NSA AND HOMELAND SEC. This attack is normal For a corrupt system and many who work for the system and own the system, want the ideals of mexico here and now. its sad to think of all the people who died for this nation and loved it so much that it cost the life of that person and now the system of foreign ownership will hand it to people who hate our freedoms and want us dead as a people and as a way of life. The political hate for the rights of people is understood to be inside this government, so stop with the BS And buy guns.