Hillary Clinton healthcare plan begins with possible Big Lie

See if you can spot the possible whopper contained in Hillary Clinton's new healthcare plan (new report here, described at her site here):

Hillary Clinton unveiled the third part of her plan to ensure that all Americans have affordable, quality health insurance... ...her American Health Choices Plan will secure, simplify and ensure choice in health coverage for all Americans. This Plan covers every American - finally addressing the needs of the 47 million uninsured...

I'm going to guess that her plan would also cover illegal aliens, and if that's true then she's lying. Illegal aliens and legal immigrants are not "Americans"; they're foreign citizens: Mexicans, Brazilians, and so forth.

If it does in fact include illegal aliens, here's an accurate version of the above:

Hillary Clinton unveiled the third part of her plan to ensure that all "Americans" with that word defined to include all American citizens together with everyone that Mexico and other countries can send us have affordable, quality health insurance... ...her Residing-in-America Health Choices Plan will secure, simplify and ensure choice in health coverage for all Americans and everyone else who can make it over the border. This Plan covers every American and many more besides, just as long as they can make it through the desert or overstay their visa - finally addressing the needs of the 47 million uninsured including those illegal aliens that the Democratic Party has helped come here...

UPDATE: Via this we learn the somewhat surprising news that someone from the MSM asked Hillary's people about this issue. If it was CNN that asked they probably would have mentioned that, so it was probably another source:

Senior policy adviser Laurie Rubiner [says:] "That's one we're going to have to think through a little bit... We have not dealt with every single detail with this plan"... ...When asked if it would be safe to assume that the Democratic frontrunner, at this point, has no position on coverage for illegal immigrants advisers answered "yes" and said the plan does not "at this point" deal with that issue.

I could make a joke about Hillary waiting until her co-chair Fabian Nunez hears back from the Mexican government, but instead I'd like to point out how pathetic it is that a presidential candidate has unveiled a major plan and doesn't have or won't disclose how it intends to deal with a possible major downside to the plan.

UPDATE 2: From this:

The new Clinton plan doesn't include the words "citizen" nor "immigrant," but does refer to "Americans" 30 times. A Clinton spokesman said the plan doesn't cover illegal immigrants; he didn't respond to a follow-up inquiry asking about other noncitizens such as residents with green cards.

I don't entirely trust in the solidity of those statements because they're appearing in an obscure part of the WSJ and the spokesman isn't named. There's always the chance she could back off from those statements.


6 billion uninsured "Americans" just waiting for Hillary to get elected.

I downloaded the more detailed pdf plan at her web site and still no answer to that illegal alien coverage question. Like the shorter versions, the more detailed plan uses the phrase "all Americans" a lot. While we're waiting for someone to ask about this elephant in the room, can the answer by gleaned from the 47 million figure? If no one asks, this would be a good question for a YouTube video. This is a quintessential example of the inherent incompatibility of open borders and social welfare programs. Hillarycare contains subsidies for the low and no income, funded by higher income taxpayers. Politically, are these net givers to the plan going to just say 'hunky-dory' to footing the bill for cradle to grave, not just emergency, healthcare for any foreign national who can make it across our borders? If you live in country x and need a six figure cost transplant, we welcome you with open arms! Come get ahead of our citizens in line for limited organ donations! Somehow I think not and I'm sure Hillary and others like her are counting on not being called to answer how in the heck such a plan can sustain itself without increasing taxes on the wealthy. If she is asked, she'll break out the 'fuzzy math'. She's got all kind s of figures on money that her plan will supposedly save due to 'efficiency reforms'. Well, what happens if lots more people on the low end, including the gravely ill, show up in the U.S. for some free healthcare and upset the balance? Funny, I don't see any figures on THAT. Computerization and paperwork efficiency are a drop in the bucket compared to having an open door at the low end to a subsidy program. Doing that is the most INefficient thing you can do. Because it would be too fiscally unsound to last, I consider the promise of such a plan fraud. Through this specific plan, I hope the whole concept of something for nothing and for anyone in the world is exposed as a lie and those who support the idea are discredited.

Taxpayers are already paying for the hospitals and ERs that are collapsing under the load. So now Ohioans are helping to pay California's bills. Thanks, all! http://health.dailynewscentral.com/content/view/732/0

she can always say its for Mexico, after all she is once said this nation is mexico and its people I.E. Gangs rape murder its all the same to hillary and isn't she just one more gang bitch? this bitch is our enemy just like Bush and bin laden.

"We have not dealt with every single detail with this plan," Rubiner continued." Give Hill a break--whether 20 million people are included or not is such a small detail. Relax, she'll get back to you on 11-5-08. When Hillary's people confirmed after the debate that she was talking about Lou Dobbs she basically took a stand with illegals and gave the finger to the Lou Dobbs audience. Maybe she doesn't know that more Dobbs viewers identify themselves as Democrats than Republicans. But I should have known at this point in time there was no way she would take a pro-illegal stand on a major issue like health care. She would love to avoid answering for as long as possible so we still need to press the issue and keep on asking. And asking. Don't give her safe haven. Make her take a stand one way or the other and if she continues to weasel she'll look like a joke. And it needs to be done during the primaries because if the Republican nominee has no big health care plan then she can go back to hiding the elephant in the room illegal alien issue. Maybe our question will draw the open border types out to ask their own. What we really want are the racial power groups to demand that she take a pro-illegal stand on the issue like Richardson and Dodd did. Maybe one of those two will themselves--they certainly should if they think she'll chicken out. As the new 'stakeholders' with direct access to power, the big groups like LaRaza are probably smart enough to take a wink and keep quiet but maybe those little fringe groups will become an embarrassment by demanding an answer.

amanda, hope is good but hillary will dance on top of our graves and use mexico and the third world will to remove freedom and laws and justice.

_MAYBE OUR QUESTION WILL DRAW THE OPEN BORDER TYPES OUT TO ASK THEIR OWN. WHAT WE REALLY WANT ARE THE RACIAL POWER GROUPS TO DEMAND THAT SHE TAKE A PRO-ILLEGAL STAND ON THE ISSUE AS THE NEW \'STAKEHOLDERS\' WITH DIRECT ACCESS TO POWER, THE BIG GROUPS LIKE LARAZA ARE PROBABLY SMART ENOUGH TO TAKE A WINK AND KEEP QUIET BUT MAYBE THOSE LITTLE FRINGE GROUPS WILL BECOME AN EMBARRASSMENT BY DEMANDING AN ANSWER._ Exactly, Hillary, the DNC and the DLCers think they have things covered by having prominent ex-MEChistas like Tony Villar and Fabian Nunez as their Latino community liasons. The idea was invite these guys into the tent and they will not only play ball but smooth out any rough seas with the exploding illegal latino helot class. However, there are far more radical and loony , I know hard to believe, ethnocentric race hustlers like the REVEREND Slim Coleman wanting to carve out a constituency with the increasingly more alienated illegal population. I think the under 25 year old Hispanic Illegals are not willing to take direction from the likes of the now "going mainstream" Tony V., Fabian Nunzez, Luis Gutierrez, and Bustemante would be power brokers. Like I have been saying I predict an absolute disaster at the Democratic Convention in Denver. The Brown Berets, Reconquista, MEChA, ANSWER, the Neo-Wobbly Labor element will be raising hell out on the streets. La Raza and Tony V. will be powerless to control things. Tony V. will be faced with cheering on the rioters and keeping his "street cred" or passing himself off a viable "mainstream" Latino politician. Imagine a Hillary or Obama's head spinning as they try in vain to triangulate their way out of that fiasco. Hillary is sure to try to scapegoat Lou Dobbs and NumbersUSA for helping to derail "Comprehensive Immigration Reform". Oops there goes at least 5-10 million Democratic and Independent votes out the window. And it gets even worse for the Democrats Riots on US streets by illegal aliens will be like putting the golf ball on the tee for Republicans. The Republican ticket whether it is Rudy/Fred/Mitt + Bilray/Hunter/Tancredo as VP will be able to say at their convention in the Twin Cities, "Because of our out of control outlaw border with Mexico, we need to bring home immediately a significant number of our troops from Iraq and begin securing the border". The Neo-Cons, the Neo-Liberal Corporatists, the AIPAC crowd who support a continued large Iraqi occupation force and Open Borders will be completely out flanked. Paleo-Conservatives like Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts and the Ron Paul crowd will be in acsendancy. The result will be that the Democrats will face a massive trainwreck because not only will they loose the Immigration Restrictionist vote, but the one issue they were counting on being able triangluate their way to victory on, the drawing down of the Iraq Occupation, will be completely takened away from them.