Neo-nazis protest illegal immigration in Omaha... FBI involved?

A February 2006 neo-Nazi (National Socialist Movement) march in Parramore, Florida was organized by an FBI informant, according to documents obtained in an unrelated trial. The FBI wouldn't say what knowledge it had of its informant's actions related to the march.

Now, the same Nazi group is going to be surrounding the Mexican consulate in Omaha this weekend to protest illegal immigration. Could an FBI informant be involved in spurring them to organize that protest? That's certainly a valid question given the Parramore case.

Note also that the Mexican consul knows just how to play this:

Mexican Consul Jose Luis Cuevas believes the racist, anti-immigration group has as much a right as any to express their views-even if he doesn't agree with them. "I have seen every kind of demonstration from pro to totally contrary so they are totally within there right to do it," Cuevas explains.

Of course, he might at least have added that protests like this will be used by those who support illegal immigration to discredit everyone else who opposes it.


Discredit it? I'm so past the liars' politically correct Stalinist brainwashing that I'm ready to cheer for the neo-Nazis. And if it was an FBI informant's idea that's just a special bonus. Can we get FBI informants to have an idea to build the wall on the border?

_"...there right to do it,"..._ Julie needs an editor. Or her editor needs one.

_Sure ok. The bigots are the invaders and their fifth columnists._ A slightly unusual context for "bigots". I would say they are more sticking up for their own kind, and for that I don't blame them -- I would not call that 'bigotry'. The problem is, IMO, that Whites in the US will not do the same -- they will not stand up for their own kind. Mostly because they are afraid to be called names. If there was an acceptable political outlet for the entirely reasonable belief that America's demographic heritage as a majority white nation has value and is worth preserving then it would not be left to fringe groups -- like 'Neo-nazis' (it's just a label) -- to take up that banner. Which is too bad because it makes it all the easier for MSM hacks to condemn as 'racist' anyone who opposes (illegal) immigration for that, or almost any other, reason. Illegal immigration is a problem, but unless something is done about legal immigration as well Whites will become a minority in America around the middle of this century. A kind of national suicide. Do Americans really want that?

Yeah, people don't usually call the preening La Raza crowd bigots. But that's only due to politically correct multiculti brainwashing. My use of the word is perfectly apt. Say it with me. Send the bigots home. Feel that? It's the brainwashing wearing off.

How are mexican nationalist-socialist la raza types any different than nazis?

The FBI Is doing its thing once more on us all, would love to know how many hispanics are on the inside of this game and how many are working for mexico city. hell people the FBI are running the group what more can you say?. buy guns.