AVWatch: Tony Villar on Elvira Arellano; Mexico complains about consular protocol

Elliot Spagat of the Associated Press offers a two-fer. First [1], former MEChA leader and current Hillary Clinton campaign co-chair and Los Angeles mayor Tony Villar (aka Antonio Villaragosa, Mayor Reconquista) has thoughts on the Elvira Arellano matter:
"Until we resolve the status of the estimated 12 million undocumented people living and working in the United States by giving them some meaningful pathway to citizenship, families will continue to be torn apart."
Not quite as fiery as I would have liked; unfortunately he's at least smart enough to realize how much of a liability explicitly supporting her would be.

And, while we're on the topic, Mexico is complaining about a possible violation of consular protocol (irony noted):
Arellano asked to speak with Mexican officials in Los Angeles but was denied, [Luis Cabrera, Mexico's general consul in San Diego] said. She was not given access until hours later, at San Diego's Otay Mesa immigration detention center.

Mexico's Foreign Relations Department issued a statement saying that denying Arellano access to the consulate may have violated "bilateral arrangements established for a safe and orderly repatriation and to allow for immediate consulate access when the defense requests it."

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was unaware of any request that Arellano made to speak with Mexican officials in Los Angeles, and Arellano was given extensive access in San Diego Sunday night, agency spokeswoman Lauren Mack said.
---------- [1] chron · com/disp/story.mpl/ap/world/5070526.html


Mexico is complaining? Wait, I thought she was an honorary citizen...I'm so confused.

Hmmmm. She was hiding out in that church for a *year*! If she didn't call the Mexican Consulate by now then that's her problem.

"Until we resolve the status of the estimated 12 million undocumented people living and working in the United States by giving them some meaningful pathway to citizenship, families will continue to be torn apart." My version...Until we deport 12 million "illegal aliens" and make them take their kids back with them, families will continue to be torn apart.

Nothing will change until the elites realize that the American public, to the tune of about three out of four of us, want ALL illegal aliens deported. The elites feel that there is no such thing as an illegal alien, that every Latino from Mexico and Central America has the "right" to "migrate" to our country to "work hard". Until that mindset changes, we're screwed.

Hi, Tony. We are all anxious to help you resolve the status of the illegal aliens. Here's a thought. Make it the responsibility of each person who chose to break the law. And amnesty isn't any part of the deal. Path to citizenship is fine, as long as everyone gets out of the country first. And everyone must stand in line with those honest folks who are waiting with respect for the law, and with respect for the privilege of being here. Those who abide by the law had no hand in committing the crime, so... Simple instructions. Point yourself south. Left foot, right foot, you get the idea, don't you? Don't stop until the status of all 12 million is resolved. Quick and easy! And unlike Elvira, don't forget to take your anchor babies with ya. BTW, if Elvira wants to meet with Mexican officials, let them do it in their own Country. The USA is off limits for the rest of her life.

Jeebie, He'll of course say that if they have to get in line like the rest of the world, only very few of them will ever get in. In other words, that it's the right of everyone on Earth (esp. Latin Americans) to immigrate to the U.S.

The system is doing its thing on us all. this little Mexican Mayor of all of the new lands of mexico only wants your property, your life, your home,your country, that is all. Come on "PEOPLE" hand your ass over and be part of the new wave of race freedom and stop being a little racist. Think of the future of Mexico, think of the future of the rulung class, don't you want to be part of Mexico? Buy Guns.

Hello, saynotometh. Assuming we had control of our borders (and the added safety of a correctly interpreted 14th amendment), we might feel inclined to let a few honest folks immigrate. Might even be desirable to consider having a merit based system in place. So, you (and the mayor) would be quite correct. Those with the least merit will have the longest wait. Thats the breaks. On the other hand, assuming we don't get control of our borders, immigration policy will become irrelevant. Those who have waited patiently, believing we were once a lawful society, will either give up and stay home, or just join the illegal flood, along with all the rest of the planet who can make it to our border. The first scenario is still possible, but not while we suffer under the current administration. If 20 million illegal aliens could be removed, (and they can), and the border WELL secured, I have no doubt we would see a rebirth of the generous and welcoming American spirit. And I think we will be much wiser and more discriminating the next time we let someone into our home. The second scenario means we should have followed Fred's advice sooner :) h/t to Fred!

understand one fact of life, the guy who owns the law owns you and right now the guy is a little evil Mexican and a old evil bitch! Buy Guns for freedom from evil doers who only understand power of the gang.

Tony's just mad that he didn't get into Smellvira's pants before she got deported. As for "seperating families" he should know all about that -- he's practically the World Champion of Family Destruction.