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Rahim Manji
Emergency Physician in Vancouver and Point of Care Ultrasound enthusiast. I'm interested in FOAMed and Ultrasound education.
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From @LATBermudez
When Pedro was 9, his appendix ruptured as he & his brother were crossing the mountain between Tijuana & San Diego.…
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From @RahimaliManji
@LATBermudez @TVietor08 This doesn't made any sense. No physician would let someone die because they couldn't find…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RahimaliManji: I'll let your patients know you're not qualified to be a doctor. If you were smart enough to be an MD, you'd know @LATBermudez is pushing propaganda designed to increase the labor supply to lower wages & also to increase racial power. I'll let your patients know