Youtube/CNN Republican debate questions (I've had it edition)

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I give up. Well, not really, but that's how I feel after watching some of the submissions for the Youtube/CNN Republican debate (to be held at some unknown future date). As with the Democratic version, expect CNN to pick the worst of the worst in order to a) not make the candidates uncomfortable, and b) not make CNN's standard questions look as weak as they are.

While Dr. Rachel Jakuba is cute - especially in her snorkel - her question about saving the sea turtle habitat manages to be both too arcane and too general; it will just generate a stock response about saving the environment (link). Someone else wants the candidates to not just take lie detector tests, but "truth serum" (link). A flag-bedecked duck with a very strong Southern accent asks about PETA (link). Tai Fauci has such beautiful eyes that I had trouble focusing on just how general her question was (link). There are several video game questions (link). There's even race-baiting ("White Republicans?", link). There's a barely-coherent, solipsistic question entitled "DUAL or duel citizens for americans and me BORN ULTIMATUM" (link)

On immigration, we've got someone making a false choice by not mentioning attrition (link) and someone else simply asking Romney to state his position on the issue (link). Unfortunately, it's those types of questions that CNN would feel comfortable with asking, rather than actually trying to find out what Romney supports.

On the plus side, here's someone with something I didn't know (link): he's actually Sir Rudy Giuliani, having received an honorary knighthood from the Queen of England (link). Does that disqualify him from the presidency?

Another question concerns our "friends" the Saudis (link). Another asks, "Did Pat Tillman Deserve to be Called "Worm Dirt"?" (link). There's an actual direct question: "Which Republican Candidate profits off of the Iraqi War?" (link). And, there's even one for Rudy about the North American Union, although if asked he'd probably just play semantic games without mentioning his indirect links to at least the "NAFTA Superhighway" (link).

Some earlier submissions to the contest are discussed here.

UPDATE: Here are some more:

Asking Mitt Romney whether he should have campaigned for Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson (link). The same user also wants to know the first (and second) biggest differences between Mitt's healthcare plan and HillaryCare (link). The second video is a bit unique because he actually references how Mitt has answered that question in the past. Then, there's a plea from a seafood processor for more "guest" workers (link). And, a lightweight question/music video about building a tunnel across the Bering Strait. CNN will like it! (link) Someone else wants to check each candidate's DNA to find "off the record offspring". It's not known whether he's serious or trying to make a point about RealID (link) Some educational group has submitted several completely uninteresting videos (link to their profile).

UPDATE 2: The snowman is back with another crappy question (link). Will you as president charge Keith Olbermann and others with treason? (link). Lots of questions from highschool and college kids (link, link,link,link,link; the last includes two stupid immigration questions). An Obama supporter has a series of uninteresting text-only questions (link). Here's a question about SCHIP (presumably from a Dem) which doesn't mention the illegal immigration angle (link). Journey seems to be quite the interesting young lady. (link)

UPDATE 3: A wedding videographer company has a series of pointless questions from Oakland (link). CharityNavigator has questions which I'm sure they find interesting (link). And, the runner-up of our award for Sleaziest Question goes to this (link).

UPDATE 4: The questions for the GOP keep effluviating. "bigfatpothead" says "My question is about hemp". He claims that a "hemp gasifier" can produce "1800 gallons of gas per acre". Investigating that claim is left as an exercise; the cost may or may not be prohibitive (link). A truly clueless gun-grabber ("F8BDamned") asks "Gov. Huckabee, Please Recommend a Weapon" (link). And, the National Education Association has a few questions (link).