George Stephanopoulos shows the way: no immigration questions at GOP "debate"

In previous GOP and Democratic debates, various MSM hacks have featured at most one or two questions about immigration matters, all of them worthless. The Tavis Smiley/PBS Democratic debate had no immigration questions at all.

Now comes George Stephanopoulos of ABC News with a continuation of the trend: the ABC News debate conducted today didn't ask any questions about immigration at all.

I didn't see the debate since I wasn't up at 5am Pacific or whenever it was on and I've been waiting for a transcript. Now, I won't bother.

At some point in time Tancredo, Hunter, or Paul are going to have to answer non-immigration questions with off-topic or related answers rather than letting the MSM ignore issues that a good percentage of Americans are very concerned about.

And, you - yes you - can do your part by going to campaign appearances, asking the candidates tough questions, and then publicizing their answers.

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Well, they did warn us that unless they got their Comprehensive Immigration Reform they weren't going to be talking about immigration again until after the election. Unfortunately for us, the longer they dodge immigration the less confidence the governed will have that their government is legitimate. There are several ways this can work out. Few of them good. Are our elites stupid? Do they not see the cynicism and revolt they're creating?

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