Tavis Smiley/PBS Democratic debate has no immigration questions at all

Yesterday, Tavis Smiley of PBS hosted the "The All-American Presidential Forums" featuring all the Democratic candidates:

Inspired by the book the Covenant with Black America, The All-American Presidential Forums on PBS marks the first time that a panel comprised of journalists of color was represented in primetime. Many of the questions that were asked of the candidates focus on key domestic priorities that were originally outlined in the book.

And, their front page [1] includes 10 main topics, one of them being immigration. On that page [2] they post an inflammatory and false comment from Maria Elena Salinas, Univision Anchor:

"There's so many cities out there where you have thousands of people that are immigrants that are saying, 'enough is enough. We are tired of this immigrant bashing and this dialogue that seems more like a monologue instead of a debate on immigration.'"

That's followed by a no doubt hand-picked set of six comments, all opposed to illegal immigration.

Despite that, there is not a single instance of "immig*" in the entire transcript (link). I guess some topics are more difficult than others.

[1] pbs.org/kcet/tavissmiley/special/forums
[2] pbs.org/kcet/tavissmiley/special/forums/issues/immigration.html


One of the hottest issues in the Black community and they did not go near it. This had to be out of an agreement reached among the candidates,the DNC and the debate hosts. But honestly it is the continuation of a trend outside of the Latino debate. Right now the Democratic party has no clue what to do about immigration. The Liberal Left Netroots either avoids the issue entirely or deludes itself that the Republicans are the ones in trouble over immigration. Hopefully the Democratic party will have the balls to reconsider its Open Border immigration policies before the Sept 9th Univision debates.

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