Arlen Specter floats new amnesty plan (apartheid version) (Kyl)

From this:
Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) said he's floating a plan that would grant legal status to the nation's 12 million illegal immigrants, but offer no path to citizenship.

"It might be the equivalent of a green card," Specter said Thursday. "The main thrust is to bring the 12 million out of the shadows," and eliminate the fear of arrest or deportation.

Specter said conservatives who last month derailed a comprehensive immigration bill might accept his plan because it would not allow the 12 million to seek citizenship status.

"We litigated amnesty and that lost," Specter said...
And, here we thought it wasn't amnesty. What Specter proposes - even if it worked - would create a permanent group of "second-class citizens" akin to that in Germany. Even Lindsey Graham says "Europe has paid a heavy price for that stuff."

But, it probably wouldn't work as planned, with new marches designed to give citizenship to those newly out of the "shadows". He also says he's been in touch with the Grand Bargainers including the White House.

UPDATE: Continuing the attempt to get amnesty after some initial window dressing, Senator Jon Kyl is also going to introduce a security-first bill in August.

UPDATE 2: From this:
"[Specter is] a fairly classic negotiator trying to figure out a way to square the circle," Kyl said. "He's good at that. He's come up with an idea. I'm just dubious he can pull it off right now."


Time to send him to the old folks home for TRAITORS!

Sen. Specter says "and eliminate the fear of arrest or deportation." Why would one want to eliminate this fear? They are here illegal, they have broken our laws. And believe me; they are not in the shadows! it is the American citizen that is in the shadows. More and more of our rights are being taken away and not many are noticing. They are putting though their amnesty one amendment at a time, hidden in other bills.

Mary Its time for Guns and political justice. "That time of right over evil", I am sad to say will never happen when 90 percent of the population don't care about anything. Also sad to say within 20 years the population of the former USA will be 90 third world people here Eating the heart out of this once Great Nation but happy to say by that time most will be living in some hell and eating each other. citizenship or as I like to say citizenshit means nothing in a world of lie's and mexican/third world pigs who are now running this Nation and mass murder will come for money and race and evil act's by the rulers of the third world monkeys. Bush Is Bin Laden.