Stopped calendar: Bill Richardson wants to be frank with Mexico

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As long as you don't look at the year, a calendar stuck on February 31 is almost close to being on the right track every four years. Bill Richardson is a lot like that, saying yesterday at a town hall meeting in Phoenix that we should tell our friends to the south:

"Hey Mexico, why don't you help your people and do something to give them jobs. Maybe we will do something with you to help create jobs at the border. Maybe joint projects, but at the very least don't give people maps in the easiest areas to cross."

He said some other standard things as well, but, needless to say, CNN Assignment Editor Marissa Muller didn't call him on those stock talking points.


"Pat", Yes you are right, the Mexican people Love the Mexico City drug dealers.

I question whether it's really so bad in Mexico. I think their government is urging people to move here in a calculated move to get their remittances and to gain influence over our rich economy.

Is a calendar that says FEBRUARY 31 ever right?