Raul Grijalva wants to secure border ecologically soundly (Defenders of Wildlife)

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From a Defenders of Wildlife press release (link):
Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) yesterday introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would secure America's border with Mexico while reducing the negative impact on local communities and resources, including national parks, wildlife refuges and monuments that are home to several critically endangered species. H.R.2593, the Borderlands Conservation and Security Act of 2007, would amend existing immigration and border security laws, including the recently-passed Secure Fence Act and REAL ID Act, to help alleviate the devastating impacts of undocumented immigration and border enforcement activities on public lands, wildlife and borderland communities...
It seems like you can't turn around these days without bumping into someone who wants to secure the border. What's that you say, I really should put that in scare quotes? OK, Raul Grijalva wants to "secure the border". Now, it all makes sense.

These are the supposed bill provisions:
* Provides the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with the ability to decide whether fences, vehicle barriers or virtual fences would be most effective in securing the border.

* Gives land management agencies, Native American tribes and local communities a voice in border construction decisions.

* Requires compliance with laws meant to protect the air, water, wildlife, culture and the health and safety of people in borderland communities.

* Funds initiatives that help mitigate damage to borderland wildlife and resources.
Raul Grijalva is not just a former member of the racial separatist group MEChA, he's proud of having been a member. He also appeared with the Mexican government-linked Derechos Humanos at a forum last year.

Likewise, some of the leaders of those "local communities" will probably be little more than Mexican partisans. And, the leadership of the DHS hasn't exactly shown an interest in enforcing our laws. And, consider this quote:
"The Border Patrol needs to follow the current (environmental) law, which right now they're ignoring," counters Jenny Neeley, southwest representative for Defenders of Wildlife, a conservation advocacy group, adding that "the damage is being caused by border policy." Tougher border enforcement near portals such as San Diego and El Paso, she says, funnels traffic into more remote and environmentally sensitive regions...
Obviously, DoW isn't exactly strong on the enforcement side of things either. 5/31/11 UPDATE: See the secure the border posts.


The #1 environmental issue facing the U.S. is overpopulation. Does Raul favor reduced immigration levels? Somehow I doubt it so long as the flow primarily consists of 'his people'.

Environmental issues won't matter if amnesty passes. The environment and the country will be lost to the population bomb. The EPA will never be able to fix that problem, nor will FEMA. Build that wall, quick!

Let me ask you a question: who is more important the spotted owl or your daughter ? Of course your answer is your daughter ! Next -- who is more important the spotted owl or my daughter ? The answer of course by not building the security fence is that the spotted owl and some insect we have never heard of is more important than my daughter ! Sir: Seventeen months ago my twelve (12) year-old daughter was kidnapped on her way home from school --- she was beaten and " GANG RAPED " by FIVE ILLEGAL MEXICANS and left for DEAD ! NO THANKS TO YOU she is alive today but will NEVER be the same again and has a terrible fear of boys, even ones she has known all her life - when asked, she says, every time she looks at a boy it reminds her of what was done to her - she can't even really look me in the eye when she will talk. THANK YOU for doing the job you were elected to do ! AND SIR ! I am so glad YOUR DAUGHTER IS SAFE BEHIND THE WALL WE THE TAXPAYER PAID TO BUILD TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM THE ANIMALS YOU ALLOW TO LIVE IN OUR COMMUNITIES ! YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO ANSWER FOR YOUR PART IN THIS SERIOUS PROBLEM ! !