Illegal aliens disappointed over Senate bill; boycott threatened; Tara Burghart

Always willing to do their part to support illegal immigration, the AP offers "Immigrants Disappointed Over Defeat" by Tara Burghart. That appears to be the AP-supplied headline and, of course, "Illegal Aliens" would be the more accurate subject group. It quotes two disappointed illegal aliens, then this:
Jorge Mujica, a spokesman for Chicago's March 10th movement, said one possibility is a boycott by illegal immigrants and their supporters against certain companies — perhaps national restaurants — to demonstrate the community's economic might.

"It's not that we want to radicalize the movement," he said. "But we have marched and lobbied and made phone calls and written letters, and nothing has come out of those strategies."
What the reporter forgot to add is that Mujica is an official with Mexico's PRD party. In other words, a representative of a foreign political party is agitating their citizens inside our country and even threatening an economic impact unless we change our laws to suit the citizens of that country.

The article also includes a quote from Tom Nassif of the Western Growers Association saying that growers will be forced to cut back plantings. Oh well.

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Lonewacko, I am in my mid-forties. I grew up on the far southside of Indianapolis. I remember my parents taking us kids out to go picking strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers... at any of a number of small U-PICK farms and orchards in Marion and Johnson counties within a few miles of our home. We would do it usually before going to a local drive-in movie. Local fruit orchards would advertise at my high school for seasonal help. During High School I worked for a local Retail and Wholesale produce delivery service my neighbor ran. He must have done ok because he drove a Cadillac, his wife had fur coats and his three daughters all went to college. This man bought and sold seasonal produce that was raised locally in Indiana along with out of state produce. My Grandfather was a truck farmer and raised 9 children in Cincinnati. My Uncle continued the produce truck side of the business and raised 5 children. My cousin still delivers to your door produce and is basically one of the few remaining merchants of locally grown produce in Cincinnati. So the Idea that without mass Government subsidized exploitable foreign labor we are all going to starve is just nonsense. When in fact leveling the playing field a bit may in fact help to bring back some of the locally grown, largely organic produce that use to exist in many parts of the country before cheap oil and run away suburban sprawl wiped it all out.

yes llamajockey the boys in washingtion need people to think that a need does exist and we all know that most of what the boys are telling us is a total febrication.