Live coverage, GOP presidential debate, June 5, 2007

11: I'm going to go practice my track-standing. Back later...

10: Three minutes with Larry King commence now...

9: Hunter mentioned pardoning Ramos-Compean, and even bringing back the Reagan Democrats.

8: John McCain warns that having 12 million illegal aliens - 2 million of them being criminals - is dangerous. His solution is his bill, which would give them a wave-of-the-wand legalization, with the government having only 24 hours to deny an application.

7: Ron Paul is pointing out that massive illegal immigration is subsidized... alert Reason Magazine!

6: Hunter is - thankfully - objecting to a "reporters" premise that there are "jobs Americans won't do". Booyah: "The Bush Kennedy McCain bill".

5: McCain says that amnesty is a matter of national security. Of course, he fails to note - and Wolfie fails to discuss - that the Z-visas Romney mentioned would almost certainly allow terrorists to become legal.

4: Once again, Wolf Blitzer is showing how much of a puffball he is by failing to ask tough questions that would reveal flaws in the arguments of those who promote massive and/or illegal immigration

3: Rudy Giuliani is now promoting his national ID card which would start just for foreigners but would expand to everyone in the U.S. (In a followup comment, Giuliani shows once again that he's obsessed with "knowing who's in the country").

2: Wolf is already wasting our time. It's good to know candidates can't go off-topic, no matter how marshmallow Wolf's questioning will no doubt be... Did McCain's pacemaker just short out or something?

The Huckster - a strong supporter of illegal immigration - starts it out with a joke...

Champion of the Constitution! Does he have a uniform? I kid...

1: The "I'd rather be riding my bike" coverage will commence shortly...


Look boys we know why the government guys want the mass number of aliens here and we know why and what will happen to this country if the Amnesty bill become's law only Ron Paul is telling you the real game behind this evil acts, so listen and stop the coming race/civil war, after all that is what bush wants above all other things of his evil actions. vote for Ron Paul SAVE A NATION FROM TOTAL TAKE-OVER BY THE CARTELS OF MEXICO.

Did you hear McCain about the english language...He brings up native Indians language...The man has LOST HIS MIND!!!!

Giuliani and McCain came out-effectively- for unlimited legal immigration in response to Tancredo's call for a "time-out" on legal immigration. So immigration without limit is good as long as it's legal? Not that such a plan could be implemented without pulling the wool over the eyes of the current American electorate. Giuliani and McCain also said that the test of who is a true American is one's committment to freedom, equality and the message of the Gettysburg Address. So if someone in the US is found to be a Jihadist, a Black Nationalist, a Ku Kluxer, a neo-nazi or even a La Raza or Mechista Hispanic chauvinist they should be stripped of their citizenship or legal status and be deported? If not, WTF are they talking about?

Exact quote by John McCain: 'We're not going to erect barriers and fences.' If elected President, at least we know where he will stand on enforcing immigration law. Notice how his new stump speech includes the Kennedy/Mahony sounding 'God's children' to describe illegal aliens. I.e., people are people, who are we to keep anyone out? In an interview after the debate, McCain was asked about Romney's point that it is unfair for Z-visa holders to get to stay in America while those going through the legal immigration process wait outside the country. McCain acted bewildered and avoided the question, instead going into the 'back of the line' lie and his new routine that the special treatment is how DIFFICULT it is. '8: John McCain warns that having 12 million illegal aliens - 2 million of them being criminals - is dangerous. His solution is his bill, which would give them a wave-of-the-wand legalization, with the government having only 24 hours to deny an application.' All Wolf had to ask as a follow up is 'Senator McCain, how exactly does rushing millions from illegal to legal status with the most cursory of background checks make us safer?' Besides the unfairness of Z-visas, Romney made another key point about how it would be preferable to make Z-visa holders TEMPORARILY legal instead of irreversibly and indefinitely legal even if they do none of the window dressing fines, English, etc. Candy Crowley must be in the open borders crowd as she praised McCain's eloquence on immigration. So did Ariana Huffington.

The more these professional pontificators debate in public, the better Fred Thomson looks. We need someone with his Reaganesque appeal- conservative values and a communiction style that engenders integrity.

it sure looks like the frontrunners of both parties are against what a vast majority of americans want. The american people doesn't want to stay in Iraq forever and doesn't want amnesty for millions of illegals and want a secure border, i.e. a big fence. None of the Democrats are going to build a fence, and you can bet Obama or Clinton will pass the amnesty without even thinking about it. Only the Republicans can and should put a stop to the amnesty folly and the lack of a secure border and yet despite the polls what is the stance of the so-called top candidates of the GOP ? They're for amnesty, having debates in spanish (Romney already has his spanish ads), not building a fence on the border and for staying in Iraq forever. Think about that. What's the point of having an election if the Democratic candidates agree with the Republican candidates on these issues and that both of them are against what the majority wants ?