Bill Richardson still "special envoy" for Organization of American States

In response to my query, Bill Richardson's communication director informs me:
Governor Richardson has never "worked" for the OAS.

Last year he was appointed a special envoy to the Secretary General for Latin America. That means the SG could call on the Governor to assist, on a purely humanitarian and voluntary basis, if he felt there was a situation that required diplomacy from someone like the Governor, who has extensive experience with and ties to Latin America.
From that I assume that BR continues in his status as a "special envoy". Snippet from the press conference where his appointment was announced here.

As for the Clintonian objection to my asking whether he was still "working" for them, not all jobs are paid, and I knew and have stated that it was an unpaid position. In any case, I'll abide by their apparent wishes and just refer to it as an appointment.

Shouldn't a candidate for president resign all such appointments, so that those who know about this issue don't question whether they have divided loyalties? Have any past presidential candidates been in such a situation? Can we get a list of the "situations" where Bill Richardson has represented the OAS? Has he done so while on the campaign trail, or perhaps when supposedly working for the residents of New Mexico? Does this being an "appointment" - or the fact that the OAS is apparently domiciled in the U.S. - mean that he doesn't have to register as a Foreign Agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act?


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