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Rep. Ilhan Omar
Minneapolis, MN and Washington, DC
Representing Minnesota's 5th District in the People's House. @USProgressives Whip and Midwest Regional Whip.
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From @joelpollak
Instead of showing any sort of contrition whatsoever, @ilhanmn @ilhan is retweeting attacks on ⁦@MeghanMcCain⁩ for…
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From @Honey223344
@joelpollak @MeghanMcCain @IlhanMN @Ilhan Her remarks weren't anti semitic. Sunny read them today. I'm so glad Sunn…
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From @BebeJaser
@Honey223344 @joelpollak @MeghanMcCain @IlhanMN @Ilhan The whole panel is shit without Sunny ️
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From @my2gr8girls
@BebeJaser @Honey223344 @joelpollak @MeghanMcCain @IlhanMN @Ilhan You should have stopped after shit !
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@my2gr8girls: FYI, @joelpollak supports amnesty. Not only that, #Breitbart has pushed various amnesty (like the Goodlatte amnesty). Do you support amnesty like Breitbart & Joel Pollak?
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From @tedderukan
@Ilhan They're for profit death panels. Plain and simple. The messaging needs to change. These companies deserve no…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tedderukan: #Koch bros fiercely oppose #ACA etc. Yet, that won't undercut them to their base (which is the only thing that matters). What would undercut them to their base is their strong support for amnesty. @Ilhan can't use that against them because she agrees with them.
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From @Ilhan
The same people who profit off denying sick people health coverage are using their financial power to derail our ef…
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From @bwright2009
@Ilhan @IlhanMN Healthcare isn't actually a human right. If it truly was then you would be just as concerned that…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Those in Alabama, Mississippi, & other states need to work harder and stop mooching off productive states like New York & California! #MAGA!!! #resist MT @bwright2009 Healthcare isn't actually a human right...It is earned through discipline and hard work