Rudy Giuliani is full of $#*|

Rudy Giuliani announced that he's running for president on tonight's Hannity & Colmes, and watching his remarks on immigration I realized that he's completely full of $#*|. A transcript is here.

Giuliani's euphemism for a massive illegal alien amnesty is "regularization". That's the same term used by the AP/Mexican government, John Fund, Vicente Fox, and Mexico's interior minister. I'm sure Bush has used it as well.

His "regularization" would flood the U.S. with new legal immigrants, as well as new illegal aliens. Millions and millions of people around the world would see it as an amnesty, no matter what euphemism Julliani tried to use. Those untold millions would realize that if they could make it to the U.S. they could take part in the next amnesty, which would be brought about by the same forces using the same techniques as they're using now. Giuliani's amnesty would make future amnesties much more likely due to establishing yet another precedent and also because it would give even more political power to those forces that support amnesty (corrupt corporations, racial power groups, the far-left, etc.)

He opposes the real fence, prefering the "virtual" kind. He even praises Mel Martinez ("a great guy") and quotes one of his pro-illegal immigration quips: "He said except the only people that will pull put it up will be the illegal immigrants."

He said the reason why he sued to establish NYC as a sanctuary for illegal aliens is because the INS told him they could only deport 2,000 people per year. Realizing that he had 400,000 illegal aliens in NYC, he said he did the math and realized he had to do what he did. That is completely false: he had other options. One of those options would be to put pressure on the INS to deport more people. Combined with making NYC unattractive to illegal aliens through such things as working with the INS, denying them driver's licenses and public services and the like he could have greatly decreased the numbers of illegal aliens in his city.

He also gave a variant of the busboys canard:

[The INS was] dealing with somebody's maid and somebody who maybe was teaching at a college and just didn't have the right papers or somebody who was working in a restaurant and-- well that's all an issue. But the drug dealers and the criminals and now the terrorists are an issue.

His "tough" requirements for his amnesty have already been covered, and they sound even more disgusting coming from him rather than some sycophant.

Taken to a national scale, his stance on this issue would be as bad as Bush's, and we know where that's gotten us.

Needless to say, Hannity didn't press him on any of those points, and don't expect any other "reporter" to do that either. So, if Rudy's coming to a town near you I strongly urge you to get out there and try to publicly ask him a tough question about his pro-illegal immigration stance.