Deepak Bhargava/Center for Community Change on SOTU/immigration

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Speaking apparently on behalf of all "immigrant communities" in the U.S., Deepak Bhargava, the Executive Director of the far-left Center for Community Change, responds thusly to the immigration section of Bush's SOTU:

In 2006, Congress used 'immigration' to drag our nation through one of the most racially divisive political campaigns in recent memory and the Bush Administration embarked on a campaign of highly publicized workplace raids displacing thousands of families in the name of "getting tough" on immigration... For immigrant communities, actions speak louder than words: humane and comprehensive immigration reform can begin to heal the breach.

Now I'm confused. Isn't stepped-up enforcement supposed to be a part of immigration "reform"? After we get "reform", won't illegal aliens - for instance, those who couldn't make it into the "guest" worker scheme - continue to be arrested and deported? In that case, can anyone imagine Bhargava saying anything different? Are we supposed to believe that after "reform" Bhargava will start supporting immigration enforcement, including raids?

We're also informed that the coalition FIRM ("Fair Immigration Reform Movement") will be meeting in D.C. next week to plan ahead, apparently for more marches. FIRM is part of the We Are America Alliance.

We're also informed of this perhaps ominous news:

"Millions stand ready to mobilize for justice. While President Bush and Congressional leaders have expressed sincere intentions this year, immigrant communities are taking nothing for granted. We are preparing to work harder than ever to ensure that President Bush lives up to his promise and that the new Congress performs differently from the old one."

When I first read the first sentence above, it seemed like a threat to me. The following sentences soften it somewhat, but one wonders how it was meant to come across.


Michelle Malkin on the coming amnesty disaster:
The results will be disastrous. What President Bush didn't mention in the State of the Union address is that every part of the current legal immigrant applicant machinery that would be tasked with implementing the "guest worker" illegal alien amnesty is backlogged and broken.

Last November, congressional investigators reported that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) had lost track of 111,000 files in 14 of the agency's busiest district offices and processed as many as 30,000 citizenship applications last year without the required files. Poof! I have heard first-hand from adjudicators in Texas and southern California who have piles of files in backrooms that have yet to be read. The application backlog remains in the millions. Sens. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Susan Collins, R-Maine, called for a Government Accountability Office review that uncovered at least one case in which an applicant with ties to the terrorist group Hezbollah was granted citizenship without a check of his primary file.

"It only takes one missing file of somebody with links to a terrorist organization to become an American citizen," Grassley, who is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, noted in The Washington Post. "We can't afford to be handing out citizenship with blinders on."

Or legal status. Multiply that by several million in the case of Bush's guest worker program. Can you spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r?

The FBI's background check backlog for legal immigrant applicants stands at a reported 100,000 files, which have been waiting for action for a year or longer. At least they didn't shred them all (uh, as far as we know) -- which is what federal contractors did at the immigration center in Laguna Niguel, Calif., over the last several years. To rid itself of a 90,000-document backlog, supervisors ordered workers to destroy passports, birth certificates, approval notices, change of address forms, diplomas and money orders. Then they reported that they had reduced the backlog to zero. Poof!

Michael Cutler, a veteran of the immigration bureaucracy who worked as a senior special agent at the former INS, says working at the agency is like the comedy scene out of "I Love Lucy" where Ethel and Lucy -- overwhelmed at a candy factory by an out-of-control conveyor belt -- try eating the candy bars and stuffing them down their dresses to stay on top of the flood:

"The situation is reminiscent of what happens to beleaguered adjudicators at the USCIS every day, and it is not the least bit funny. The adjudicators cannot eat the applications, nor can they stuff them down their clothes. In order to get good evaluations, they need to move these applications as quickly as possible. The easiest way to do this is to approve them. Needless to say, this means that fraud-laden applications are often not detected and aliens receive a wide variety of benefits, including United States citizenship to which they would not be entitled if the relevant facts were known. As more aliens get away with committing fraud, the 'word' spreads through the communities and more aliens are emboldened to commit fraud, further eroding any integrity that might have still remained in the process. To make things worse, when an application is denied, the alien is virtually assured that no special agent will be looking for him to seek his removal from the United States."
We are incapable of imposing order and handling the current crush of legal immigrant applicants in a fair and timely way. You want "comprehensive immigration reform"? Start with border control, reliable adjudications, consistent interior enforcement, and efficient and effective deportation policies. And don't pretend that piling on is going to fix a damned thing.

oops, no spell-check. Meant neighborhood. And hello to perroazul del norte, always enjoy your clarity!

Thank you, eh. I no longer care if my Country is competitive. I want my home, my neighboorhood, my Country, to be a nice place to live. I want it to be the same for my great-great grandchildren, and theirs, too. I don't care about which "race" claims to have a greater right to be here, because that is a bunch of malarky. None of them do. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA. No rights, No entitlements. STOP ASKING, stop begging, stop demanding. Mostly, just STOP. No matter if you are illiterate, illegal or Indias best and brightest, the Nation is full. And we have no intention of letting you do to this country, what you have done to your own. Gross overpopulation, environmental sinkhole, crime, poverty and corruption. Get it? No more room at the Inn. No vacancy. Go away. Don't write, don't call. Limitless immigration for the last 40 years has already done the job. Mission accomplished.

"Unfortunately. many so-called conservatives have intermnalized the "white shame" gestalt"

That should be "internalized the "white shame" gestalt"

Although orgnized Communism died with the Cold War, the Bolshevist mentality is eternal. The Reds realized that "nationalization of the means of production" no longer excites anyone(except maybe in backwaters like Venezuela) so they needed a new strategy.

The alternative they have chosen is race war. The anarcho-communist left is based on envy, nihilism and the lust for destruction. To this end they want to destroy people of European origin-to them the root of all the evil in the world. The Euro-communist "antifa" (anti-facists) avoid confronting the obvious correlate of 1930's fascism (intolerant,authoritarian, misogynistic, homophobic Islam) in favor of attacking tiny bands of white European nationalists. Some have an affinity for nazism, many do not, but in either case the threat they pose to democracy and traditional Western values is miniscule. What the Reds really hate about them is that they are white and not ashamed of it. That, to them, is the greatest sin.

Unfortunately. many so-called conservatives have intermnalized the "white shame" gestalt of the left and are collaborators in the process of Western dissolution. GWB falls into this category (if you can really call him a conservative), but he is no doubt too stupid to realize it.

In 2006, Congress used 'immigration' to drag our nation through one of the most racially divisive political campaigns in recent memory...

Sorry, but one big problem with immigration today is that it's demographically destroying America -- changing it inexorably and inevitably into a country where Whites are a minority. Although I agree it is very politically incorrect to notice this. And if you think the heritage of the US as a majority white nation is worth preserving, then you have to oppose what's going on with immigration today, legal and illegal, on partly 'racial' grounds, whether some people find this "divisive" or not.

And what's this crap about "our nation"?

When I first read the first sentence above, it seemed like a threat to me.

If you think that's the only "threat", then you have a forest/trees problem.