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Fred Lucas
Washington D.C.
White House correspondent for @DailySignal. Author of Tainted by Suspicion. Grad of @ColumbiaJourn & @WKUsjb. RTs β‰  endorsement.
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.@FredLucasWH: Trump has endangered USA by in effect continuing Obama's agenda for months. All he had to do was ramp up screening, *without demagoguery*. I.e., without mentioning regions/religions/countries. That'd keep out Belgium jihadis, not impede Yemeni peace activists.
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.@FredLucasWH: at #DailySignal you blog "In a Win for Trump, Supreme Court Upholds 'Extreme Vetting' Travel Ban". I might SEO how stupid that is. Trump's idiotic #MuslimBan is not in any way similar to increased vetting, even after Trump has WWE'ed it up. #MAGA #resist