Texas Gov. Rick Perry strongly supports illegal immigration

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Texas governor Rick Perry is closely following the George Bush playbook as he came out against attempts to prevent illegal aliens from taking Texas college tuition discounts from U.S. citizens. Some in Texas want to repeal the law he signed six years ago, and he's pledged to oppose their efforts. And, he's also revealed he's a liar:
"The only way that you can be eligible for that in-state tuition is if you are in the process of getting your citizenship. If you're not in the queue, working towards getting your citizenship, you're not eligible for it," Perry said.

"I think that's been highly overlooked in this debate."

However, under the law, students do not have to actually have applied for citizenship - they only have to promise that they will.
But, wait, there's more:
On other immigration-related issues, the governor repeated his vow to seek $100 million to strengthen security along the border, urged the federal government to enact a guest worker program and said he opposes legislation to remove citizenship rights from the Texas-born children of immigrants.
The first is not only a drop in the bucket, it's also most likely just "boob bait for Bubba". The perils of "guest" worker schemes have been detailed here numerous times. And, he also thinks attempts to end birthright citizenship is "unconstitutional". Not exactly. If a state law is brought before the Supreme Court then we might know for sure. And, of course, Congress could deal with it as a federal matter.


only promise that they will, is that a joke? but hey guys you do know that the perry family is part of one of the big Oligarchy families in mexico don't you? so from his point of view its ok for anyone of 180 million mexicans to come here and get a education for free don't you?

and face facts within 20 years we will be mexico and free anything will disappear for good.