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Daily Ramsay
A picture of Gordon Ramsay everyday. | #GetDailyRamsayAFollow | Not a bot. | A GR GIF for everything. | Join the Ramsay revolution.
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From @GordonRamsay
Friday night cocktails @breadstkitchen !!
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From @TheDailyRamsay
@GordonRamsay @breadstkitchen
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From @TheDailyRamsay
@GordonRamsay @breadstkitchen And yes, that is @GordonRamsay.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TheDailyRamsay: #ATT ads are like updated watermelon crates from 100 years ago (or like Memin Pinguin of today), just with the races reversed. You'd think @GordonRamsay wouldn't sell out to them, but I guess their money spends like anyone else's.