PBS NewsHour's Soviet-style immigration coverage

The PBS NewsHour is no longer an accurate source of information on immigration but is now simply a Soviet-style propaganda source. The latest example is the Gwen Ifill "report" on the Swift packing raid, which featured two sequential guests.

The first was Mark Lauritsen of the United Food and Commercial Workers union. He basically cried and whined his support for illegal immigration, his support for "comprehensive immigration reform", and his attempts to pass the buck. Ifill did not ask him questions in any way tough enough to blow his various statements out of the water.

OK, fine I think, hopefully they'll have someone on the other side blow both of them out of the water. Let's go to the transcript:
GWEN IFILL: And now to Julie Myers, assistant secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Your response?

JULIE MYERS, Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Well, I agree. We need comprehensive immigration reform.
Note to PBS: this is how things are handled in totalitarian regimes: a "debate" between people on the same side. If you wish to have any credibility, at the very least have a third person available that actually supports our immigration laws and will let your viewers know what's really going on. Without that person, you're misleading your viewers and broadcasting propaganda.

Please everyone send a message to PBS at this link: pbs.org/newshour/letters.html


Haha! A PBS agitprop! How surprising!

The melding of left and right in public discourse has been a long time coming. Thank god for the internet, text messaging and firearms for keeping us under the grace of gawd this holiday season.

Are you a Russki in Hollywood, LW? Great food down there, especially the chicken soup.