"Citizen" Saul Arellano, Luis Gutierrez to address Bush?

Far-left illegal immigration supporters frequently demonize president Bush apparently without being able to get it through their heads that he's on their side; whether there'd be a border at all if he could get away with it is not known.

While he's supported illegal immigration in the past, and while Karl Rove spoke to the far-left illegal immigration supporters at the NCLR, they haven't been completely explicit about it.

So, would they go as far as meeting with Saul Arellano, the seven-year-old son of Elvira Arellano, the "activist" who's holed up in Slim Coleman's storefront church in Chicago? How else to interpret the final paragraph of the article "Immigrant rights group calls for boycott":

Saul will be accompanied by several immigration activists as well as by Congressman Luis Guitterez [sic] to Washington DC. The group plans to address the president on Tuesday.

Would Bush go as far as meeting with anti-American U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez and Citizen Saul? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: From this:

A spokeswoman for Arellano said Saul left on a flight for Washington on Monday with Emma Lozano, head of the Chicago immigration-rights group Centro Sin Fronteras... Saul hoped to deliver a letter the White House on Tuesday asking President Bush to intervene in his mother's case.

And, if he fails, perhaps he could get his own space at Cindy Sheehan's 4-acre plot in Crawford. That will show not just solidarity with the cause, but it will make the media's job so much easier.


Actually, the first paragraph is noteworthy as well:

A local group fighting for immigrant rights is calling for a boycott of two nationally known companies. Dunkin Donuts and Applebee's are accused of discriminating against immigrant workers whose names don't match their social security numbers.

So even when document fraud is detected outright, we're not supposed to do anything about it lest we violate the 'rights' of the "immigrants".

Now on to the second paragraph:

On the 10th anniversary of what immigration reform advocates call stringent changes to immigration laws, supports (sic) of the legalization of the undocumented are once again speaking out -- only this time, they are hoping not only to mobilize their vote, but also use their buying power to force the kind of change they want.

Exactly whose vote are they 'hoping to mobilize'? That of the "undocumented"? Or their supporters? If the latter, it is probably not worth the effort; if the former...?

So the whole article is pretty much a childish joke.

And BTW, what does it say about Mexico as a place to live that one of its own citizens would fight so hard not to be sent back there?

I noticed they don't often use his full name, "Saulito." A marketing decision perhaps?