Gil Cedillo, "immigrants" to stage "civil disobedience" at LAX

Later today, "American" politician Gil Cedillo (CA state senate) and CA Assemblywoman Judy Chu are going to risk arrest by leading "immigrants" in a civil disobedience "action" near LAX.

Those involved include the union "UNITE HERE" and the We Are America Alliance. An article discussing the event also includes this:

"They have elevated the issue to beyond just a group of workers in this single hotel to a broader issue of immigrant workers and the challenges facing immigrant low wages," said Kent Wong, director of UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education.

The link has more about him, and what those involved want is described at this page: (that's where the 'About' link at leads; apparently configuration isn't their strong suit).

Note, of course, the huge background graphic of the raised fist which I'm pretty sure is only used as a sign of socialism. And, note the phrase "we believe in legalization and a path to citizenship for hard working immigrants in America", strongly implying that when they say "immigrants" they're most likely refering to "illegal aliens".

UPDATE: The LAT has two pages detailing exactly how coordinated the "disobedience" will be. The union has various agreements with the police and the DA to make sure that it's little more than "political theater". We're informed that one of those to be arrested is active in MEChA at USC; while no further information on that group is provided, at least reporter Joe Mathews - or more likely his editor - have apparently dropped their previous characterization of that group. Considering all the time and space he had to fill, one would think that Mathews would get the chance to inquire what percentage of the hotel workers were illegal aliens.


The other side is speaking out in Houston, TX!

Houston Police to Rally!


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Cops want public support to arrest criminals, foreign and domestic

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another bungle: more protests, making west side traffic even WORSE, will alienate any LA sympathizers who remain.

We Are America...