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Alina Stefanescu
Birmingham, AL
poet. writer. editor. romanian-alabamian. surviving in this tuica-forsaken land. in @poetloremag @northamerreview @theschooner @crabcreekrev & she/her dreams
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From @billineastala
Anti-Trump protestors with their variation on the Rammer Jammer cheer.
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From @KCobain69
@billineastala @bamableu Now that's how you do punk.
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From @aliner
@KCobain69 @billineastala @bamableu Exactly. That right there.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@aliner: buna! @billineastala also blogs about a yahoo slashing the Trump baby balloon, making sure to prominently feature the yahoo's name to basically destroy his life. Bill isn't smart enough to show Trump's joke plans wrong to such yahoos. He's too weak to punch up.