Senator Charles Schumer is not serious about homeland security

Sen. Chuck Schumer has released a 14-page report taking DHS to task for their failings. But, something seems to be missing from both the NYT report ("Domestic Security Since 9/11 Is Barely Better, Schumer Says") and the NY Daily News report ("Schumer faults Homeland Security chief for 'lack of focus'").

Oddly missing from both reports is any mention of border security. Now, that doesn't mean that it isn't in Schumer's report, but since I can't find that online I'm forced to assume it's either missing from his report, or the NYT/NYDN are carrying his water and downplaying that part of the report.

Recall that his Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee disappeared their video that briefly mentioned border security after receiving complaints from a couple Hispanic organizations.

Once again, I'm forced to conclude that for Schumer this entire issue is just politics. He and the rest of the Democrats are more worried about press releases from the NCLR than they are concerned about the security of the U.S.


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