DSCC pro-American 'Secure' video never existed

Yesterday I noted that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee removed their "controversial" video 'Secure' from Youtube. Today, it's gone completely. The previous URL was:


Now, the video at that page is called "Want A Different Course?" which should be available at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avPRG8s2haU However, that link doesn't work either, leading me to suspect that in their haste to throw 'Secure' down the memory hole they accidentally deleted the replacement video.

Everyone can play this fun DSCC game too! Repeat after me: "There never was a video called 'Secure'. The video named 'Secure' was always named 'Want A Different Course'."

UPDATE: Following our lead, UPI offers "Democrats pull ad after Hispanics complain" and the AP offers "Ad Disappears From Democratic Web Site":

No announcement was made about what happened to the ad. A DSCC spokesman did not return phone calls and an e-mail message seeking comment.

A couple days ago, NRO took a screenshot of the NYT linking to the Dems' ad:

dscc secure video ad disappeared

The article still links to the video, but, of course, the video has been changed as described above. For completeness, a screengrab of the NYT article is below.

new york times article on dscc secure video