ACLU, PRLDEF sue Hazleton over immigration law

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Various far-left forces have sued Hazleton over the immigration law they passed last month. The suit has no less than 235 individual claims, and those filing it include:

* Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF)
* American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
* Wilkes-Barre attorneys Barry Dyller and George Barron
* Philadelphia's Cozen O'Connor law firm

In addition to various individuals, those supposedly harmed by the law include:

* Casa Dominica (described as a non-profit agency designed to "promote the Hispanic culture and empower the Hispanic community of Hazleton." The suit claims it had 150 members before the ordinance was passed, but that number has now dropped to 110.)
* Hazleton Hispanic Business Association (no search results)
* Pennsylvania Statewide Latino Coalition (

It would be quite helpful if anyone could find any links between any of the above and extremists, foreign governments, etc.


The suit admits one plaintiff, John Doe 2, is in the country illegally. It reads he "is included within the definition if 'illegal alien,' but he is in fact living and working in the United States with the full knowledge of the federal government."

Mysterioso! Is he not really an illegal alien, or are those far-left groups just trying to say no person is illegal? And, expect a similar formulation to be used in other suits to try to prevent deportations in the future: a form of squatter's rights.

In the media bias arena, Jon Hurdle of Reuters' report is headlined "Pennsylvania town sued over strict immigration law". In his world, anti-American groups like the ACLU are "civil rights campaigners".

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"...the Hispanic community of Hazleton."

Man-oh-man, you know America is in trouble when even some hole (for dramatic effect -- my apologies to any Hazletonian readers) like Hazleton, PA has not only a "Hispanic community", but also an agency to post bail for 'em if necessary.