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Tim Alberta
Michigan, USA
chief political correspondent @POLITICO, featured in @PoliticoMag | author of NYT best-seller "American Carnage" |
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From @jimgeraghty
If you curl up into a ball or run away at the thought of a question from a guy who was with National Review for abo…
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From @ramey_deb
@jimgeraghty This is where we are now, making apologies for writing for something as benign as National Review? We are upside down.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ramey_deb: @jimgeraghty says @timalberta is a "First-Rate Journalist". In the first two instance of the first result for his name + immigration, he can't understand Trump's real position on the issue & he lies about illegal aliens being "immigrants". JG & TA aren't credible.
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From @TimAlberta
John Boehner & Ted Cruz can agree on one thing!
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From @nchaseteeples
@TimAlberta I’m very excited to start listening to your book on @audible_com in the morning. I’ll probably end up buying a print copy, too.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@nchaseteeples: @TimAlberta thinks GOP should embrace "diversity" (i.e., fewer whites) & engage non-whites using far-left tactics that would result in the Dems always undercutting them. He's either a Dem operative or too dim to advance a smarter strategy.
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From @keithurbahn
When all is said and done, POLITICO’s @TimAlberta will have the most enduring book chronicling the past decade of A…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Louis XIV courtiers would look down on sycophants like you. MT @keithurbahn ...POLITICO’s @TimAlberta will have most enduring book chronicling the past decade of American politics - the GOP strategy that gave rise to Trump... Proud to work w/ one of America’s best storytellers.
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From @maxwelltani
. @TimAlberta has a deeply-reported book out in July that goes behind the scenes of Republican party leadership in…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Since 2015, I've pointed out exactly how Trump's #immigration plans would fail. Did Tim or any other supposed journalists call Trump on how his plans would fail? Yes or no, Max. MT @maxwelltani @TimAlberta has a deeply-reported book out in July [more sickening sycophancy]
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From @RonBrownstein
RT @TimAlberta: In SC, splits among evangelicals & non-evangelicals: Huckabee 43-14 Santorum 21-10 Cruz 27-13 (cc …
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TimAlberta: FYI, @RonBrownstein is a "passive eliminationist". He cheers declining % of whites, but he doesn't support camps. #CNN #tcot