Al Walentis/Reading Eagle taken to task

Al Walentis is the editor of the Reading Eagle (Pennsylvania). And, he's got a blog where he tries his best to act just like a big city supporter of illegal immigration. A sample:

the non-partisan Congressional Research Service issued a report yesterday concluding that Hazleton's ordinance creates immigration rules independent of federal law and thus is vulnerable to legal challenge, especially if it is proven that in denying housing or a job to an immigrant it has discriminated on the basis of national origin rather than citizenship.

That's all he says about that issue, but there is something rather interesting he left out:

Hazleton City solicitor Chris Slusser argued that the report, which was written on June 29, appears to have been written before the ordinance was finalized, and that it comments on penalizing illegal aliens themselves, which the measure does not propose.

I don't include every word of every article I quote, but that is a rather interesting thing to leave out.

On a general Walentis note, an anonymous commentator at the first link has thankfully done my work for me:

...what's this I hear about the poverty rate skyrocketing in Hazelton while annual crime indices previously considered to be in the stratosphere for this quiet lil' Luzerne County town now quite sadly "the norm?" What did you say about Hazelton increasing in population from 20,000 to 33,000 people in a little over 4 years? You say nearly all of those new Hazletonians are undocumented illegal immigrants flooding from Allentown and New York City? Did you say the exponential increase in murder, property crime, assaults and drug crime has been contemporaneous with the influx of illegal immigration? Oh wait, you didn't mention any of that stuff, sorry, Al. My mistake. I wouldn't want to confuse you with an honest person...


The film "Dreamgirls" is advertised on TV as "Now showing at theaters everywhere". Why isn't it showing in Reading?