National Alliance for Immigrant Rights: Pro-illegal immigration groups seek power

On Sunday around 400 people from 25 states met in Chicago to try to organize the disparate groups that assisted in getting illegal aliens and their supporters to march in our streets and demand rights to which they aren't entitled: "Pro-immigration groups seek formal political power" by Oscar Avila and Antonio Olivo. They formed a group called the "National Alliance for Immigrant Rights".

One of the leaders is Jorge Mujica, an official with the Mexican political party PRD. At least to me, that completely taints everyone else involved in the group, and the reader is strongly encouraged to break that news to any reporter who does an article on this new group.

The new group split on other forms of extremism, such as whether to condemn the Iraq war, whether to condemn U.S. support for Israel's invasion of Lebanon, and whether to conduct a general strike by "immigrants".

The meeting was held in Spanish and - just like a mini-U.N. - headphones were provided to non-Spanish speakers. This didn't sit too well:

Berna Ellorin, of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, fumed that Asians and other immigrants appeared to be merely token participants used for photo opportunities... "It's not enough to say we are all-inclusive and then come up with an all-Latino leadership. We have to practice what we preach," she said...

We're informed that some of the leaders of the group are Irish, and while their affiliation isn't known they might be linked to the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform, which is partly funded by the Irish government.

If newspapers and their reporters aren't willing to disclose such links to foreign governments and foreign political parties, they should be considered Fifth Columnists as well.


My dear Lonewacko:

I laugh so hard everytime I see my name in your articles, I wish you had more of them.

Yes, I am officer with a Mexican political party, and I also hold several positions in various organizations here in the US.

But the government of my country is, if anything, my enemy. They have done nothing so far to prevent immigration, besides opening their big mouths.

And the Democratic Party? Well, they are the ones comming out with this useless piece of legislation S2611, which both legalizes some and criminalizes a lot of immigrants.

What we are looking for is not an election year piece of legislation, good to accuse some of weak and some of too tough on immigration. What we look for is a law that addresses not only the current immigration problem, but the fact that in years to come, more immigrants will enter the United States without documents as long as there is a job for them.. and as long as there are no papers for them.

We need a law for today and for the year 2025, so the US does no get into this mess again.

Jorge Mujica

These warlike acts are becoming ever more bold and outrageous in their effrontery; as the administration keeps appeasing dirty Mexico and the illegal aliens in general.