Gen. Peter Pace cries for illegal aliens

Alfonso Chardy of Knight Ridder offers the disgusting story "Senate hearing in Miami touts immigrants' contributions":
"My dad came here, sometimes worked three jobs, but the jobs were there for him and the opportunities were there for him," Gen. Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said as he choked back tears during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing at Miami Dade College. "There is no other country on the planet that affords that opportunity to those who come."
It's OK, you're just confused. The issue is about legal vs. illegal immigration, and the levels. No one is trying to shut down immigration in general, and there will still be plenty of opportunities for plenty of people. It's just that - let me try to explain this even more simply - there are billions and billions of people in the world, and we can't give everyone an opportunity. Do you understand now?
Pace's unexpected emotional testimony poignantly underscored the message Senate leaders wanted to send with the otherwise scripted Miami hearing: only a Senate bill they passed in May can deliver comprehensive immigration reform giving more than eight million undocumented immigrants a path to residence and then citizenship.

The five senators who attended the hearing said the enforcement-only House bill passed in December would dishonor the immigrants who served in the armed forces because it would render as criminals some of their relatives -- parents or spouses -- who may be undocumented immigrants.
Actually, it's those five senators who are disgracefully using emotionalism and lies in order to profit politically and in order to help corrupt companies profit financially. Also, their argument shows that they have no intention of abiding by the laws they're pushing, since if their current argument makes any sense now, then it would also make sense once we have millions more illegal aliens coming here because of their new laws. But, thankfully, their argument makes no sense so we don't need to worry about that.

I've been unable to determine the identity of two of the senators at the meeting, but the others were Teddy Kennedy, Mel Martinez, and John Warner.

There's a longer version of the article here, and a similar report from different "reporters" here.

Also testifying was Margaret Stock. Oddly, those who transcribe her remarks tend to forget to mention that in addition to teaching at West Point, she's also an immigration lawyer who's testified on behalf of the far-left AILA.

Clearly, not just U.S. senators and the news media are willing to lie, mislead, and engage in spreading pro-illegal immigration propaganda, but so are leaders of our military.


Top military officers are dishonorable, if they show weakness and unreason to that extent.
Look at the contemptibly irrational quality of the general's plea: soldiers who died in war had relatives who were criminals, therefore let us legalize those crimes!
Family before nation; amoral familism openly trumpeted from the top levels of the US military in wartime?
Sobs and mafia-ridden ghetto nostalgia where rational argument and patriotism should be?
Soldiers died in war who had relatives who stole, or who molested children, or who took bribes; therefore all those crimes should be legalized?
What disgraceful unreason and thoughtlessness!
It's so bad, that one would have to suspect that the idea was to make America look hopelessly weak and demoralized, the better to encourage enemies to attack.

FD, just because some general made a spectacle of weakness relative to foreign hostiles, is no excuse for you to get all warlike-sounding.

we know who the enemy is and in the end game if you don't kill the enemy he will kill you! its a war now.
Gen.Peter Pace is the enemy the message that the rats want you to hear is the sound of the death of the USA. The senate leaders care nothing about right or wrong only about how much money is in the bank after the inside boys kill this nation and its people.

now i know bin laden was made by bush and business and the real killers of this nation are the people of the third world.